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Last Day of Work

2006-12-22, 6:02 p.m.

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Last day of work, and everyone was slacking. I was cleaning my desk. Yeah, that's fascinating.

I decided to go shop in the school bookstore for awhile during my break, which took longer than anticipated. (Luckily for me, on the last day of work, nobody even noticed.) I realized that I have no Scotch tape at home and that needed to be remedied before I start wrapping on Saturday night, managed to find a book I'd wanted for massively on sale, and I ended up getting Mom the audiobook of The Year Of Magical Thinking (obviously, she could use it).

I also found my old roommate Hill wandering the bookstore. I kept looking over at her across the store and going, "That can't be her, she's supposed to be in Florida," then finally decided to check for myself after buying all my crap. When I spotted her holding an orange sweatshirt (her favorite color), I knew it was her. It was a total fluke, because she was only in town for like an hour tops before going elsewhere and she'd figured I was working. So, it was good to see her.

I saw my shrink today, and she suggested that I bring Mom in during my session next week. Since Mom has been wanting to see my shrink (presumably because she hates hers), I think she'd be down with that. It would be, easier than trying to get her to go elsewhere for an hour on Friday.

In other news, I don't think Mom's sweater will be done in time for Christmas. Even if I finish the knitting, I am apparently out of buttons to put on it. ARGH. She said she doesn't really care when I finish it, but it bugs me, dammit. I'm debating taking the bus into Vacaville tomorrow to see if I can find buttons on my own.

Likewise, I am still attempting to make this damn hat I already screwed up once. I'm trying to follow the instructions exactly, even if I think they are fucked up (things don't come out as evenly as I think they should look), and it's looking drastically different so far. Too bad I can't tell if that's good or bad yet!

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