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Happy Yule!

2007-12-22, 3:00 p.m.

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Went to the last party of the year tonight, a Yule party. Friends of mine had spent the fall in Ireland, and they had just gotten back. It was great fun. I hadn't seen them since around August, but it was like they had never left. They both had on shirts advertising Ireland, and I said, "I guess you did a lot of shirt-shopping in Ireland, huh?" They were all, "Nope. Got 'em at Target." Dinner was Ireland-themed, though- root vegetables (and French onion soup) and baked potatoes. We managed to get almost everyone in the group showing up at one point or another, which was great. I brought cookies, which people were happy with.

We didn't do a whole lot in the way of actual traditional Yule celebration, come to think of it. Fey and Jocelyn had brought back presents from Ireland- more like gift packs, really- which was fun. We all got packs of salt that said "nude" on them (Fey thought they were funny) and matches. I got a calendar, a knitting-themed bookmark with cable patterns on it (I was all, "Yay! I'm gonna take a class in that!"), and a rose quartz necklace and a claddagh swirly pendant. I was very excited.

I had made everyone in the group- er, well, I ATTEMPTED to do so, but the glazing came out crappily on a few of them- ceramic pentacle plates in various styles and colors. Happily, I did have enough to give out to the people who were there that night (I will need to make a few more for those who weren't there sometime, I think, though two extra were left), so that was a relief. People loved them. I put them all out and let people pick whatever one they wanted, which went well. The funny thing was that even the ones I thought came out bad were immediately loved for their beauty. Go figure!

We also did some tarot card reading- everyone drew a card and talked about what they thought it meant. I came out with Temperance reversed, which made sense. My shrink said that I seem to be always in the middle of two situations which are equally balanced and that's why I can never pick. That card sums it up- TOO balanced.

It was supposed to be an all-nighter party, but we all ended up collapsing around 3:30 a.m. (Pondered going to lunch the next day, then figured we'd all still be asleep then. Indeed, I only woke up thanks to the damn lawn guys who come around at 11 on Saturdays here.)

Now, I normally do NOT get the whole "family is supposed to be warm and fuzzy" thing, at all, but this group of friends...well, there it actually works. And it was awesome.

In other news:
(b) I did show up to work on Friday, which was a good thing because it turned out that my boss came in after all. (Who schedules an 8 a.m. meeting on the day before vacation? Really?)
(c) I actually asked my (yes, she's Jewish) shrink if my having a collection of tacky Christmas trees would be offensive to a Jewish guy if I ever got involved with one. (Stupid question, yes, but I have seriously wondered about this for years.) Her response was, "Depends on the person, but knowing you, any guy you got involved with would probably also be amused at those." Heeee.

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