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Working The Last Week

2009-12-22, 8:11 a.m.

I realize I don't have it that bad. I don't work ON Christmas, or the half-week after it (thank you, vacation time/semi-office closure/"furloughs"). I could have chosen not to work this week either, which was originally going to be more furlough time until they changed their minds on that. A lot of people arranged to be gone from the 18th on. I could have done that (what else will I be doing with vacation time if I'm not going anywhere this year or next?), but decided that I wanted an excuse to not have to go home until as late as I could manage, so I am working through Wednesday.

But it is funny. There was a whopping four people on the bus (me, another coworker of mine from downstairs, the blonde chick, and the guy who always gets off early to go to the convenience store) in the morning last week, and this week it's down to me and the blonde, and sometimes the guy. The morning walkers who pass me at the stop are all, "You're not off? Guess we'll keep on seeing you, then." I THINK (hope, hope) that the dimwits upstairs have left, because I'm actually sleeping without the Attack of the Killer Giant Frog noises waking me up. I can go to the gym after work still, it's open till 7. Classes last week were slightly smaller (i.e. mid-way packed, not full to the gills like usual), there aren't any this week. I can hop on whatever machine I want in the main room this week. Parking? Hey, park wherever you like! I'm actually home at night now, and spent a Thursday (I work all day and night Thursdays) doing nothing but watching DVD's. I've been catching up on The Closer, season 4, and watching shows online I missed back when I had no working computer at home.

Mom's sweater FINALLY dried this morning, so I need to sew it up tonight. I have been trying to make something for myself, just for kicks, and figuring out what to do with the yarn I have around the house is kinda tricky. My living room is a mess of yarn right now while I try to figure this out. Tonight I need to pack (out of Netflix anyway) and clean up the house.

As for work, most people (i.e. management) are dropping like flies. I have to get my 2.75 hours of not being paid used up within the last 3 days, and they don't much care if I stick to my usual schedule or not. I have been debating leaving a little early every day or just leave 2.75 hours early on Wednesdays. I asked the HR lady and she said "do whatever you want, just mark it on the timesheet," so I don't have to set it ahead of time. I think I'll let whim decide for me. Or maybe I'll go see Avatar if I leave work at 2:15 on the last day.

Thank goodness for Holidailies, or I'd run out of Internet to read because hardly anyone updates as time goes on. I try to cram it all in before I go to Mom's and have to fight with her every time I want the computer (not to mention, unearthing piles of crap to find it). It's an interesting experience, isn't it? There's the occasional newbie that you're pleased to read, there's the folks that you used to read and you wonder where they are. Some people I only read during December (I don't know why, RSS feeds exist...), and it's nice to check in on them again. Some folks don't return and I wonder, "hey, what happened to that chick who adopted the kid," or whatever it was. There's those people who sign up every single year and then never post one entry, and then I wonder, "what the heck is up with that?" Some people like myself are compulsive about getting in every day, darn it!

I also have had a brilliant time watching this really long review of Phantom Menace. I highly recommend it not just for the part where I enjoy dogging on a crap show (though well, yes), but it is funny. I don't know why there's the serial killer theme cropping in here and there (it's narrated by one, presumably), but it kept me really entertained and oddly enough, I got a buttload more work done while watching it. (ADD, what can I say...)

Meanwhile at home, I'm trying NOT to have to go to the grocery store and buy more fresh food, which means I am doing terrible things like eating turkey jerky for dinner because most of the "real" food has been eaten already, or I realize that I'm out of the stuff that makes the real food. Awk-ward.

Mom apparently ONLY wants to buy me gifts at Costco, and if she can't find it there, then I am not getting it. This is kind of annoying me. The woman is constantly out shopping and she refuses to go to an actual bookstore? "Give me your book list," she says for the fifth time in a week. "What authors do you like?" Mom, Costco doesn't work that way...sigh.

I am trying to talk her into another Fondue Christmas. If it's just going to be us for the rest of our lives, we might as well make up our own fun things to do.

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