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Yule Bonfire

2016-12-22, 2:08 p.m.

Kinda spent the day doing the same things as yesterday, i.e. bum around house in the morning followed by going out for shopping and looking around in the afternoon. I looked around a few more weird stores, got a $5 skirt in Goodwill I barely fit into but think I can adjust if necessary, and found the hippie stores to browse.

(More weird hippie shit shall be going on in this entry, so if you’re not into that, feel free to skip.)

Most notable of the bunch was the Academy of Arcana. This turned out to be owned by a guy who’s a Big Name Pagan that I’ve seen at Pantheacon. (And he is still friends with ah, certain people I used to be friends with in the past that no longer speak to me, for whatever reason. Seeing their names on the wall was a little weird, but better than running into them accidentally.) They let us check out the store’s library and meeting room, which I gather are usually private membership-y things.

Meg made friends with a lady who’s moving to England in a few months, and they’re going to get together to play the Transformation Game. The lady also gifted me with a necklace and CD of hers, both of which were beautiful and great. Meg is happy that thanks to me, she met her. Awww!

After that, we did a little Yule bonfire outside in the backyard and told stories about fire before going back to finishing the Transformation Game. We had some interesting discussions on power and leadership (words that make me shudder, basically), taking risks, fear, etc. After that, we decided I’d go make a list of what I want out of a job tomorrow.

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