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A Production

2022-12-22, 7:22 p.m.

Last night:

Cabaret rehearsal, night one! This was the first time they were running through the entire show in order before tech starts on Monday. Two of the guys were missing: the lone ensemble guy (I don't know what he was out for but apparently he tested negative, maybe he just had a conflict or something) and the emcee guy, who apparently tested positive for covid yeah, here we go again. When I walked in everyone was wearing a mask again (sensible) and then they were told by Monday if everyone else is negative they can take them off again and they should test every day... sigh. I will note that like The Music Man again, his tenth day would be...oh, opening gala night... oy fucking vey these days. It sounds like Gill and Lenore (married couple, playing Schulz and Schneider) were out, possibly sick, recently as well, dunno if that was covid but from what I recall they had it recently, so...oh, who knows.

I note that this is a play that they said everyone had to be 18 and up for, but one lady had her child (clearly a member of the Descendants cast) there and she wanted to see the sets. (I felt very deja vu of Evie being in Evita.) Jan was all, "It'll go over her head." Later I saw the kid curled up comfortably in the lobby chairs like they were a bed, which is so cute.

Steve is musical directing this one, with Montana (usually musical director for the kids' shows) doing the piano playing since Steve is a drummer. (Apparently they are SOL on finding a pianist for Pirates so far...oy). He said he'd scan his notes off his iPad and send them to me and have them printed with the cues for next week. I did get a script to read along to this time and I did a little of the line prompting, Steve was reading the emcee and doing some ah, winging it, I think. Omar will be doing sound, but hid up in the booth the entire time for that.

They had to skip a few numbers and obviously it was kind of hard to do a few scenes without some people there...especially getting imaginarily beaten up. Doesn't look like the non-Kit Kat ladies do that much, but they are in the group dance numbers that aren't Kit Kat only.

I did think people were doing their parts very well. I note that for all the crap we had going about tiny thin dancers in Christmas Carol, some of the Kit Kat Girls were not of that ilk. Good for them, I say. I did like everyone playing lead parts ,but I gotta say Morgan knocked it out of the park doing "Cabaret," especially the look on her face (I note she uh, pulled her mask down for that number alone) toward the end. I saw this show as a kid (probably in the 80's for all I know) so I don't remember much of the numbers other than "Maybe This Time" (not in this version, it ends more um...less depressing than future adaptations), but she sings about a friend of hers who OD'd and died and was the happiest corpse, and she wants to go out like that girl.... DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. She also did a super long note, like daaaaaaaaaaamn there too.

There was cake for Jan's birthday afterwards, so I talked to a few people afterwards that I didn't already know. One girl, Carolyn, is also a yarnie, so we talked about making stuff :) Hopefully I can chat more with people later, at least during parties. I note that Jan, Dannette and I all had our Christmas Carol shirts on today, so we were amused that we coordinated unconsciously.

It was good to be back at the theater again, I gotta say. So far I've done three shows skipped one, three show and skipped one, and I figured I'd be skipping four....nice to be back, though :)

Today: felt very sleepy all morning, dragged butt along. I had a singing lesson at noon and went over the first few pages of "Lost In The Brass," I wasn't getting page one but was doing better at page two, more or less? Then I drove down to Mom's--I'm amazed I actually got out the door pretty much on time.

When I got to Roger's, they pretty much puttered around for an hour-ish? Roger gave me kind of his version of a "buck up, little camper" sort of speech about dealing with Mom (I suspect he's quite fine with a few days off), and even said he'd heard how she was talking to me and wasn't too thrilled about that. I said she did apologize. Mom also bought me a light-up sweater that didn't work, which Roger helped get working because the batteries were already dead. Very nice of him.

I had to tell Jackie we cannot do lunch, she's very unhappy about that and sent a bunch of sad emojis and said she knew I'd flake. Which, true. Unfortunately, once the shoulder got broken I suspected there might be, and when I got here, Mom said no. But also, I literally drove her across town to the hotel and then to Wendy's and she was nitpicking everything I did and complaining that I was going too fast if I was over 40 (let's just say normally she doesn't usually follow the speed limit so exactly) and seriously, I think she'd lose it if I took her on the freeway or left her alone. I don't know how Roger has been taking her to doctor's appointments out of town, but she doesn't react to him the way she does to me. (Like to me she'll whisper, "I think Roger goes too fast." Unfortunately she just freaks out at me....)

It was kind of A Production just to get her to the hotel, get all the luggage in on a cart by myself when the cart didn't want to wheel (I wished we hadn't gotten second floor, but of course we did), and going through the drive through. I will note that she had questions and nitpicks about the menu and um...let's just say the staff was not up to answering questions as to whether or not they had peach freestyle soda and I gave up on ordering a Frosty because the soda question was too hard for them as is.

I note that the hotel has no Hallmark Channel and I'd have to pay extra money to stream video in here. SIGH. So much for the "hang out and watch Hallmark" plan.

But at least no screaming fights have happened yet, and the heater works in here, so there's that. Tomorrow will be spent "helping" her with her side job and having to go into Hoarder House and use the printer, oy vey.

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