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2010-12-23, 6:14 p.m.

Short update:

(a) Alas, Mom is no longer taking Mauricio to the airport on the 24rh, he's taking his own ass on the 23rd, so....

(b) At this point I do not know if she will be surprising me at my house tonight, or picking me up like it or not tonight (I haven't packed At All), or showing up at my house tomorrow, or making me go to hers, or what. It's all confusing. Hence why I am writing this ASAP before she calls me.

(c) She got told by "some girl" that Target is having a massive Apple sale on the 26th, and wanted to be at my house to get to an uncrowded Target. I was all, "uh, did you look this up on the Internet for confirmation?" Nope. I looked. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. (Then I got confirmation from Someone With Connections online that no, it is not. She is awesome.) She doesn't believe me.

(d) The afternoon at work was quite flaky: the boss's wife and kids came in, so it was a lot of goofing off with baby stuff for a couple of hours. And then we got let out at 4. Huzzah! Yes, most places probably let everyone out yesterday at noon, but I've only gotten out early once before in my years of working here, so that's miraculous.

That's all for now. I went to the gym early, I'm eating dinner, and then I should drag myself off to pack one way or the other. Whee...

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