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2014-12-23, 8:37 p.m.

I have spent tonight watching The Hebrew Hammer in hopes of giving y'all a funny/weird/wackadoo review of it. However....honestly, I just wasn't into it and can't come up with much to say about it. It seems like the sort of thing I'd be into, but it stars Adam Goldberg, who I just kinda don't find likeable/vaguely irritating in everything, and Andy Dick, the most accurately named actor ever. Other actors in it are either kinda boring or in the case of Nora Dunn, playing the most heinous Jewish mother ever. Yeesh. I....just can't drum up words to talk about it, beyond "I thought I'd like it, but... eh....."

So okay, fine, here's an entry about the last two days of work for the year.

* Last year at this time, I was in Hawaii. Other people think it's cute to remind me of that. It is not. I love a warm Christmas, thanks.
* Yesterday I went to Global Wonderland with Dawn. I've already written about going there earlier this year so I don't have much new to say, but Dawn really enjoyed the light show.
* Most other offices are closed for a full on two weeks. Sadly, we were not offered the whole two weeks off as an option because we are too important. Anyway, it meant that some of the usual people we had to contact were out of commission and that led to the occasional problem of "I need this nooooooooooow" that we got the buck passed to us. Ugh. I sort of feel like these days should be sort of token ones: like we shouldn't really be forced to do much, and it should be okay to say, watch videos or listen to Good Omens, the radio play and knit after we've finished things. Which it pretty much was and I did--I got a lot of sewing done on the Hawaiian Christmas sweater, huzzah. But when some random woman wanted me to do a bunch of tedious microfilm research for her and dumped it on me in the last few hours of work, I was thinking, "Bitch, PLEASE, don't even expect that I'm going to do this for you NOW." But of course, I had to anyway.
* I am happy to report that not too many people came in in person, but I seriously don't get the people who did. Most of everything is shut down right now, YOU'RE ON VACATION, but you came down here to do your clerical crap? Man, find something else to do. Work being otherwise quiet was nice, though. I love actually being able to get a table somewhere.
* They cleaned the carpets over the weekend and did not do so good of a job. The place reeked and various pieces of furniture (like oh, a keyboard) were sopping wet for some reason. We had giant fans blowing in there for two days and it was like working in a wind tunnel. I felt like it was trying to blow out the customers. Also added to the usual levels of "It's cold in here!" I just want to say, IT'S WINTER. YOU ARE JUST NOT GOING TO BE COMFORTABLE, OKAY?
* We got out of work an hour early today! HUZZAH!
* A friend of mine found out that parking is not being enforced this week, so I snuck my car into work both days, and drove to the gym and then home. (Good for me for going back, I've really been slacking and this week I went three times!) And I even drove home for lunch one day when I forgot yarn. It was lovely and I got no ticket.
* Things I will not miss during the break: being forced to listen to that shitty country music station (I normally have no problem with country, but I see no reason to play "HEY BARTENDER" at least four times a day, and they also have commercials akin to "Pizza Guy" in City Slickers, i.e. so annoying you want to turn off the radio) my coworker plays constantly, people who complain that "IT'S QUIET IN HERE!" and then insist that we all start yakking loudly, and not being asked to track down anyone's anything.
* I love Pre-Christmas, but now that Christmas is actually showing up, I have the usual sulks about it. I especially have the sulks of "well, have all this time off and we're not going anywhere," which kinda sucks. A friend bailed on the plans we had for the 26th because she spent herself broke too, and Mom is all, "what would you like to do instead" and I don't really HAVE a "this is what I'd like to do instead" right now, thanks. I really shouldn't be doing much of anything except sitting in my house cleaning, and so should she. I'm not super psyched to spend yet more time in San Francisco (sorry, but it's just not a place I love, it's frequently scary and crazy is always in the air) in the way that she is.
* Mom has talked to some client of hers that has a body shop about getting my car non-leaking on Monday, and getting my hair done on Tuesday. She got her hair dyed and cut today. The hairdresser, Kevin, seems to REALLY LOVE HAIR DYEING (I assumed it was because then he makes like $100/more, but I'm starting to think he just really likes to dye). Mom has needed a redye job for ah, some time now and Kevin said he was up all night worrying about how she needed her hair done!
For years on end or so, Mom and I have arguments about how having funny-colored hair is weird and unprofessional at work. I want to dye my hair a weird color (well, have someone else do it, I can't style my own hair) and she is horrified by the idea. Well, her friend Pat--who ah, tends to be one of Mom's MOST uptight and rigid friends--out of nowhere suddenly decided to dye part of her hair BLUE, supposedly in honor of the upcoming grandchild. I said she'd be the coolest teacher at school ever with that. I gather Mom told Pat about my wanting to dye my hair something more creative than reddish or more blonde and she approved.
Here's the thing out of nowhere: Mom said she booked me a hair appointment TO GET MY HAIR DYED BLUE. Kevin has picked out a nice shade of turquoise, he said.
I'm still not entirely sure this isn't some kind of prank, but she swears she's serious and that's what she told him. Is it...could it be... a Festivus miracle?!
I don't think I'm going to mention to her that I applied for some other job (which I probably won't discuss again because I think I'm unlikely to get it/don't have 100% of qualifications/the usual reasons) because then she'd freak and back out--but screw it, they probably won't even interview me so why should I hold off for that? We'll see on Tuesday, I guess!

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