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2018-12-23, 10:44 a.m.

This is for Friday, December 21, but there's definitely some Festivus airing of grievances to be done today....

Advent calendar magic test, continued:
December 14: A reindeer. I love reindeer. However, I had no reindeer in my day at all. Sigh. Not relevant.
December 15: Frosty the snowman in a top hat. I went to Dickens Fair today and there were so many top hats that I DEEM THIS RELEVANT.
December 16: An angel. Not relevant.
December 17: A boot. Not relevant.
Dcember 18: A train: Not relevant.
December 19: A cupcake. Okay, so there were actually cupcakes at the work party. RELEVANT.
December 20: I think this is a cat? No cats today, sadly.
December 21: Bear. Saw one on a coworker’s desk. Barely relevant.

In other news, I made donuts.

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I moved out of the Shark Tank finally on Thursday morning. My ex-bully was out sick both Thursday and Friday (as was the other less bad guy), so the predicted “Ding dong, the bitch is dead!” dance I assumed she and High Horse will do behind my back will be postponed. But at any rate, I don’t ever have to spend any time around them again except for group meetings. That particular long nightmare is now over, finally.

So far the call center is fine, other than the phone next to mine being the loudest phone in the world (of course it is, but it’s even louder than the other phones), as expected. The people are nicer so far. I set up the space so it’s pretty well fine.

My new unit went out to breakfast Friday morning, which was very nice. Again, yay nice people. Most of the office either called in sick or left early today except for me, my boss, and about two other people that I saw at 5 p.m. (Sadly, the boss above the BigBoss is the one who permits people to leave early on the last day, and the interim one ain’t doing it.) Oh well. It was pretty quiet and I was more than fine with that. I am grateful that nobody nitpicked how much I wasn’t doing when there was nothing emergency to do. I answered a few e-mails here and there mostly. I got one very weird question that boils down to “yeah, good luck, you’re gonna have to ask our own personal gods at this business for permission for that.”

I did one record change and typo’d and the guy immediately called within about 5-10 minutes of my making the typo to get it fixed. Okay, fine, I fixed that. At that point I have no control over when the client-facing system I have no control over “rolls over” to show corrections, and dude called again within the next hour to want to know why it wasn’t showing up as fixed yet. Heck if we know, we have no control over it, but...Dude. It is VACATION for you right now. Why don’t you find SOMETHING ELSE TO DO WITH YOUR TIME than sitting at your computer staring at the webpage? There are movies and television and books and hobbies and exercise and shopping so many other more things that are more fun to do than this. Go do some of them with your free time. At this time of the year you just want to be all “don’t bother me unless it’s an emergency, already.”

On a related note, a tooth hurts and I was considering doing an emergency dentist appointment except I literally went to the dentist last week and everything was fine. I have bad teeth (shouldn’t have had the wisdom teeth taken out when they insisted on it, because that’s just caused worse problems) and they are twingy in the back, but one side is feeling more “sensitive” than usual right now. And they charge you for emergency visits. I decided to gamble and hope it’s not another root canal. Even I don’t want to deal with this shit.

Oh, and speaking of: the only thing that got fixed at my apartment today was the garbage disposal. The heater doesn’t turn on (still not shocked) but no, the toilet is the same fucking toilet and it still runs when flushed and I was just so mad. I called the repair guy and he said he just couldn’t hear me on the phone (regardless of whether or not I was outside or sat somewhere else or stood somewhere else, apparently) and he said it got fixed and the flapper was replaced..but the same handle issue is there, and I was just about to lose it. I don’t want to listen to that damn toilet running any damn more and when I tried to say that, he was all “I don’t understand what you mean,” even when I said “remember what noise it was making last time? it’s still doing it!” I’ll give him credit for trying on the phone, mind you, but .... seriously, you don’t know what I am talking about?! You were there, you heard it, AND IT IS STILL DOING IT.

Really, the thing is obviously leaking and wasting water and they’re not concerned about floods or water bills (which they pay)? It’s still making the noise every 45 seconds. He heard that and I know he heard that. At this point I feel like it’s just gone into gaslighting territory.

I just said “never mind, thanks for trying” and hung up after a while. I am not going to get a new toilet and I am never going to get anywhere with this and I am now turning into the crazy complaining bitch who just irritates everyone and is never happy. No matter what I do I’m not going to convince them to do what I want because CHEAP (or whatever) and I have no leverage and all I can do is make it worse by being a crazy bitch who complains. Sometimes I wonder how much worse I can make it, but again... I don’t want to be psycho bitch who complains. Nothing good happens to the bitch who complains, she just brings awfulness upon herself even more.

I went to the gym to work off my rage instead. My goal is to fast-forward towards acceptance and giving up. And maybe moving again. And at least I’m going out of town soon so I won’t have to deal with it for a while.

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