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2021-12-23, 9:04 a.m.

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Tuesday recap:

Today: got Covid tested (PCR, results tomorrow). Dropped Loretta's hat off at her door (she said it fit perfectly, huzzah). Picked up Ashley and in our continued death defiance, dined indoors at Black Bear (she had a very good time) and then went over to her house to play games and then figure out how to make a dog sweater. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if my being agoraphobic for a year broke me because I canNOT make myself go back to being a shut-in any more to save my own life and health. I just feel better...acting normal, you know? Heck, Ashley's even going to go to church in a few days. Says they don't mask but require singers to have their shots...I don't know what to say there. Though Jim did get a second karaoke gig on Tuesdays, 5-8, so...

Mom kept texting me while I was at Ashley's as to what kind of potatoes to make and are scalloped okay? I'm like um, what are those and um...I pretty much know the usual potato things and French fries, so hell if I know. Later she asked what else I wanted to eat (since she brought up cranberries) and I said stuffing and she was all, "I don't serve stuffing with ham," and I'm thinking "why not? Is this a...thing that actual cooks do?"

I called Mom later today to discuss the whole omicron thing, She pretty much sounds fine with me being (hella) risky, said she's been eating indoors herself, etc. She was so calm about the whole thing I was all, "are you WATCHING the news?!?!" because she is unfortunately a TV news junkie late at night. I told her to let me know if she or Roger feels off and I'll do the same. I said I was still working on her present and she was all "well, if you need more time..." and apparently she was hinting that she hasn't gone to the house yet to clean it--actually she was heading in as I called--and ah, she'd like another 24 hours before I arrive to deal with it, please. HAHAHAHAH, totally fine by me if she actually GETS SOMETHING DONE, though I'll believe it when I see it there. I told my friends today I was leaving tomorrow, and while I could tell them "oh, I'm free," ah.... I should finish this dang thing first. Also it's supposed to be pouring tomorrow but less bad/possibly not at all Friday, so I'd be fine with both leaving Friday and not having to go out in the rain again (much). I scheduled another covid test for tomorrow (hey, the system let me, I wondered if it was going to let me do that when results aren't even in yet), so I'll have checked again, at least.

I asked her if I should give Scott his gift on the way out of town or not and she said well, if you already made it, then yes, and he doesn't give you Christmas gifts anyway, so...okay, so maybe I'll stop by on the way out of town again on December 24 like I did last year, har har.

Today's viewing (no new Hallmarks up) is "Georgiana and Kitty: Christmas at Pemberley," which you can view online until January 2. My favorite famous playwright, Lauren Gunderson, has been team-writing with Margo Melcon a trilogy of post-Pride and Prejudice plays. First one I saw a few years ago was ,a href="">Miss Bennet, in which Mary finds love with a suitable handsome nerd. Last year I heard the radio play version of The Wickhams, in which the family figures out a way to get rid of George. And the final play is Georgiana and Kitty, and happily, you can view it online. And I did not realize that all the plays take place at the same time (or in this case, at least start that way).

The plot: Georgiana and Kitty are now BFF's and Georgiana has a pen pal love interest named Henry Gray that she met once IRL. For a year. Kitty knows about it (and is over being BFF's with Lydia, Lydia is cheesed off about it), but Georgiana's invited Henry for Christmas and therefore is forced to tell her overprotective brother who's already quite freaked after The Wickham Incident. Lizzie admits she's disappointed she didn't know, but can't blame Georgiana for not telling her brother.
Lydia is all "Pay attention to ME, I just threw Wickham out" and Kitty is all "The last two years you haven't EVEN asked about me or how I am doing." Jane is great with child and Lizzie just got pregnant too.

Mr. Gray is so shy he brought along a friend, Thomas O'Brien, who he sends in first. (I presume this is Kitty's date?) "The moment has arrived, and so should you!" Henry comes out. I gather Mr. Darcy was...not great, offstage. Thomas and Kitty bond over the mutual shyness of their besties and plan to set them up better than they are doing.

After Mr. Darcy gives Henry shit for not asking permission of him (or whatever), they immediately have Georgiana and Henry (and Kitty) act out their first meeting, in which Georgiana was playing at a salon. Kitty recaps that they were having a musical conversation that was so nitpicking that nobody else would find it interesting, har har. Thomas reads aloud a love letter from Henry to Georgiana, which embarrasses the heck out of Henry. Meanwhile, Lydia is stirring shit by giving Mr. Darcy some letter, to which he mutters that there's always a letter.... Then he kicks the guys out of the house. "Please explain your fiancee." (Um...legit.) Lydia does the equivalent of Urkel's "Did I do that?" but Georgiana blames it all on her brother. It's implied that it's an arranged marriage that Henry's not happy about, but it's not discussed all that much before Henry is shown the door.

Intermission...and then twenty years later, which makes me quite sad. Georgiana is having a public career as a musician and starting a ladies' society. Georgiana is still single and parties every night, apparently, GOOD FOR HER. FEMINISTS 4EVA is going on here. Oh, Kitty did get married! I presume that's Thomas under the glasses and sudden stashe?

Music belongs to me as much as to any man, says Georgiana, along with if men won't let us into their spaces, we'll need to create our own. Then teen fangirls enter, particularly one named Emily...Gray, I'm guessing? GASP! Do you know him?! Thomas claims he didn't know this Emily was Henry's. "There was a brief marriage his parents arranged." He got a daughter and then the wife died. So...Henry's single!!!!
Mr. Darcy is all, isn't she over him by now? No! "Thomas, do you agree with the women?" "I always agree with the women!" Sensible fellow, Thomas.

Mr. Darcy and Georgiana are still at war. "I never knew there would never be another." Mr. D. apologizes, Georgiana notes that that perfect life he wanted for her never happened, because of him. She loves her life and freedom, but he does NOT get to judge her after what he did. Good job! Thomas blabs to Emily how her father used to know her idol, and Thomas is clearly ready to fix them up again. Good job.

Thomas and Henry reunite and argue over a silly bet they had over a chicken. Kitty: "My verdict is that you are both ridiculous." AWKWARDNESS ENSUES WHEN THE DARCYS ENTER. Georgiana and Henry reunite, politely. However, Georgiana wants to BLAB SOME SECRET and Kitty tries and fails to talk her out of it. I'm guessing Georgiana's been writing under a pen name? YUP, IT'S GEORGE WILLIAMS. Love it. She's going to tell her story, tonight! Kitty was pretty much her manager, or whatever the equivalent would be these days. Mr. Darcy is quite touched by her music. As for Georgiana and Henry, they immediately get together, as it should be. It even snows on stage, awww. Emily fangirls like heck. (I note that castingwise Emily even LOOKS like she's related to Georgiana...I think that was Jane in the first act, though. Jane, Mary and Lydia aren't in Act 2, they're playing the next generation.)
Sarah Darcy (yup, that's their kid) wants to invite a guy to Boxing Day. The ladies freak out, but Mr. Darcy says he'll be happy to have him over.

Overall, I enjoy the heck out of this play series. Cracked me up to find out they're ALL at the same time, I was a little confused watching this one, I had assumed the third one was at least a year after since it mentions Mary being engaged. I guess not! Anyway, I continue to love Lauren Gunderson's work and how feminist and female-oriented it all is. She's so great.

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