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The Last Minute Gift Cram

2005-12-24, 1:26 p.m.

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cast's the last day.

Last day of unfettered net access, which kills me. I've made every day of Holidailies and the 25th is the day I'll end up bombing out, since I'll be at Aunt Susie's for most of the day and then at the hospital until late into the night. (It kills me that they let my mom stay there an hour and a half past the close of visiting hours.) In Kingdom of Loathing, an advent calendar has been implemented, but if you don't log in every single day you don't get your goodie, so I'm going to miss out on whatever the Ultimate Crimbo Gift is *sigh*. I'll try to beg someone at Aunt Susie's to let me on the computer, but I'm not holding my breath there. One girl or another's always on the dang thing IM'ing.

Oh, and speaking of, did I mention that they're all sick? Oh goodie, nothing like catching someone else's cold after the holidays. Good thing I've been chugging the zinc and vitamin C and friar's balsam and lozenges for two weeks just because everyone else around me was sick. So hopefully I can withstand the onslaught.

Still working on gifts. I have technically finished, in that I have a gift knitted for everybody left (which can be viewed here.), but I am redoing one scarf because I hated how it came out and I just found the yarn I'd wanted to do it in the first place. It so won't get done in time and I know it's CRAZY of me...but I have to try. And since that's the cousin that's always out of the house anyway, maybe she won't be around to see me working on it? Or I'll stay up late and work on it?

And I STILL have to pack up stuff like my laptop and books. And do the dishes. GAH! But you know what's weird? You'd think my arms should be on FIRE by now after all of the knitting this week, and yet...they feel a lot better. They haven't rested at all and they feel better. Back to the occasional twinge. What's with that? I'm really pleased- maybe I'll get to knit during vacation after all- but wondering how paranoid I should be about this.

I have been going through my 16GB load of mp3's while I knit, since uh, apparently I have hit my limit as to how many I can put on the computer in iTunes or something, and I haven't even uploaded the ton of Christmas songs I got in the last two days. Suddenly everyone's coming out with mixes or outright putting entire novelty albums online, and I've been jumping on it. So the computer's uh, clogged. Yes, I did ask for a flash drive for Christmas.

However, I do have a tendency to download every dang free song I stumble across regardless of what it is, without having listened to it first. So now (since I'm out of Netflix) I'm making myself go through all of them and delete the not-great songs. That's gotten me down to 14.8GB and into the J's, so that's good.

It does make me sad that I never had time to even LISTEN to the new songs, much less make my usual warped holiday mix to send to people. Sigh.

Anyway, I need to go knit, so I'll wrap this up for now.

Update: Just found out there was MORE bad family drama in time for the holidays! In order of smallest to biggest:

(a) Laurie's report from her brunch: "I survived." Did Dad ever come up at brunch? Noooo.

(b) Janelle is having breakdowns all over the place.

(c) Grandma and Grandpa got put into a home yesterday. Surprise, surprise.

All I heard was that Bernard went over there because Grandma had fallen down and couldn't get up, and they had to call an ambulance, and now they are in a home. Well, there you go, just in time for the holidays.

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