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Christmas Wrapping

2006-12-24, 1:34 p.m.

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So. This morning, it took me three hours to wrap 21 presents, and two hours to pack up my shit for being (mostly) gone for a week. As the Blues Brothers would say, hit it.

I finished Mom's sweater around midnight, which meant that (a) I had something to wrap up and have her try on tomorrow, but (b) I didn't get anything wrapped OR packed until today.

Luckily for me, (a) my body is still on work schedule and woke me up before 8 a.m., and (b) the last time I talked to Mom around 10:30, guess who else was wrapping gifts. I told her to call me whenever she was leaving, and it's nearly 2 as I write, so you do the math.

My hallway is now PACKED with stuff. Literally, there are four bags full of gifts, plus Alicia's frigging huge "future wife" present of a dish set that I could barely wrap. Plus my bag full of books and yarn, plus my overnight bag, plus my suitcase for trips of a week's duration (I want to know how the hell my packing something like 4 shirts and pants and a few skirts and one fancy outfit fills a fucking suitcase), plus the dirty clothes, plus all the crap Mom left here last time, plus the wrapping stuff. Seriously, you can barely get through the hall.

I am kind of flabbergasted at myself for taking two hours to pack stuff for a week, but uh, that included digging up the knitting projects that I want to do once I am free of present-making. I want to make myself a dang pair of fingerless gloves, and some cute slippers, and work on a sweater for myself. Mauricio's stuff isn't done yet, but at least I've got another 24 hours there. Plus I'm out of boxes to wrap that in until some people open up their presents anyway. It was a good thing I'd saved various boxes from when people had mailed me stuff, or else I would have been out. Mom's sweater came out so bulky I had to empty out a Costco box full of drinks to wrap it in.

And now I am sitting around watching the boob tube and surfing the net while I still can. I've been having a Sex and the City marathon with last year's complete set gift...and I sadly discovered, a year too late, that the discs for seasons 3 and 4 are so bebuggered that you can't watch a lot of the episodes. Gah. Shouldn't have started with seasons 5 and 6 when I was last watching them last year (mainly because I like Harry and Smith). I wish buying DVD's were like Netflix- you find one busted disc, you can send out for a new one. Even if I'd figured this out a year ago, it's kind of a crap shoot as to returning an enormous set of discs and hoping that none of them are busted. Gah.

Oh well, I'm going to post this because Mom's called....still wrapping and freaking.

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