Chaos Attraction

Xmas Eve Day

2008-12-24, 10:13 a.m.

Not much to say today. Yay for getting to sleep in after coughing half the night. (I feel very bad for Mom because I kept her up all night and she doesn't get to.) I get a couple hours till Mom comes home, so I have to cram something out.

I guess we are going to dinner with Mauricio tonight. She got invited to go to some huge family gathering of her best friend from high school's, but if M wants to, then, well, you know.

At some point I have to wrap gifts. Happily, I finished the poncho before she came last night, so I am done with everyone else's knitting! Yay! I cast on for a pair of legwarmers last night.

We'll see how Christmas Day goes.

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