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Holiday Meme

2011-12-24, 6:45 p.m.

Holiday Meme! Found here.

If you could rewrite any holiday movie or song, what would you change?

I think I already did these suggestions already, at least for Little Drummer Boy.

I really hated Mame, but I didn't really go into massive detail what I'd redo. Mostly I'd just have better damn casting, put the funny bits back in from the first movie, rewrite it so that Patrick is on the scene more rather than always at boarding school from like age 10-20 or whatever, and replace every song but "We Need A Little Christmas" with more fun songs. Not that I am a songwriter, but I think I could do better.

Oh, and maybe change a few bits in "Love, Actually," like "For the love of god, don't tell me that Laura Linney can't have a boyfriend because of her sick brother." And have something awful happen to Mia, like she falls into an elevator shaft.

What is the one thing that absolutely makes or breaks the holidays for you?

In all honesty...every single thing I would have said in this category-- tree, trains, presents, traditions, lights, blah de blah blah-- got broken during my dad's illness and the year afterwards. We've had years with no tree, we had a year where presents didn't even get opened until December 26, we no longer do what we did on Christmas Eve/Day with the people that we saw then, presents are no longer a surprise between me and my mom...

As they'd say in sports, we're in the "rebuilding" years.

What was the holiday gift that you always wanted but never received as a child? I was a spoiled brat child and I got EVERYTHING. So uh...nothing.

What was the best thing that happened to you in 2011? Um...I'm going to say finally being able to get a Zipcar membership and drive alone because I waited for that for so effing long. Second place is getting extra work to do at work, even if I didn't get allowed to do it permanently. Third place is the friend returning issue, though who knows how long that will last at this point. But it was nice to have one person return at least for awhile.

Not sure where I'd place deciding to move in this continuum.

Describe the ugliest Christmas sweater that you've ever seen. Hah. Like I could pick just one. Thanks to the Internet, I can't even. Back when I was into Christmas sweaters in middle school, I thought they were all pretty, so beats me.

If you could give any holiday gift to any person in the world, who would you give something to and what would it be?

I'd like to give cures to all the horrible debilitating diseases in the world to everyone that has one or is going to get one.

What's your favorite holiday movie or television that must be watched every year?

Love, Actually.

Spent the day following Mom around Safeway, CVS, Radio Shack, Forever 21, Cost Plus... Which was great. Kept her distracted, gave her something to do.

But now we are at my house and she is predictably getting bitchy over (a) me having a small kitchen, (b) not liking how I do anything in it, (c) she is washing the dishes right now because I can't do it right, (d) she is mad that I can't do the dishes while she cooks or vice versa because I have zero counter space (seriously, I use the oven as counter space), blah blah blah. Yeah, this is kind of why I didn't want her over here cooking...I also told her to bring all her own dishes because whatever she wants or needs, I won't have it. And she is still all "Where's your salad spinner?" and "I want a blahblah but now I can't go get one, why don't you have (specialized gadget I'd never use if I had it), pout."


Seriously, this is why I don't love to cook like everyone else on the planet. It's all yelling and judging and bitching every time she walks into a kitchen, why would I want to do it.

And "What are you doing right now? Help me in the kitchen and do something USEFUL." Like what, with what space?


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