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The Least Christmas Eve-y Eve Ever

2013-12-24, 10:08 p.m.

I'm back. Sigh. There you have it. We left ridiculously early and .... well, I've always been glad before that I am not someone who has to travel to see relatives on Christmas and the like because you hear that the airports are freaking crazy. Okay, so I can't speak for all airports, but all the ones I was at today were totally chill and quiet. Hell, other than the decorations, you'd forget it was Christmas Eve. I pretty much have, really, because it's been the least Christmas Eve-y Eve ever. I just had holiday dinner from Jack in the Box at around 9:15, so there you go.

When I left Hawaii, it was in the seventies and they were, no joke, talking about the cold snap and putting down the weather as "CHILLY" on the seven-day forecast.

I did my final bout of insane shopping in the airport---found more Jennibeans jewelry that I collect and have a hard time finding (I seriously only found them in the airports and at Kilohana's glass store all island), finally found a cute/decent Santa starfish ornament, got a turtle ball ornament for Mom, another copy of a book about how to move to Hawaii. Hopefully(?) it is the updated version from the copy I bought lo these many years ago...I know it's dumb, but I could use the updated information. Okay, so odds are low that I ever will, but I am still in wishful thinking mode. Oh yeah, and I found a "lei making kit" with plastic flowers. I still haven't ever gotten to make a real lei yet, but someday, someday....I wore my lei from last night and the crocheted lei I made on the plane, and did not give a shit. I saw a guy on one of my flights wearing a woven hat, so I wasn't the only one doing it. We also had a tasty breakfast in the airport, and my, the fried rice was DELICIOUS.

The flights were on time and uneventful, thank goodness. I got to sit by the window this time and really liked taking pictures of the islands as we flew over them from Kauai to Maui. I got three islands in one shot--my, they are all close together, aren't they? The in flight dinner was actually very good-- a small but tasty chicken with rice, a small salad, and more macadamia nuts. Oh, and free wine! Yes, they flat out gave us free wine on the trip, and I partook. Did not really get drunk there either though, but now my mom is wondering what kind of a secret lush I am for drinking 3 drinks in 2 days in front of her, hah.

The in-flight movie (still free!) was The Way, Way Back. As far as I can tell, the movie is about a catatonic teenage boy who got dragged to some resort town with his mom and his mom's new jerky boyfriend. Then the teenage boy sneaks off and gets a job at the water park and eyes a girl and shit like that. Oh, and Sam Rockwell plays That Guy, as in That Guy Who Is Way Too Old, Loud, And Pathetic To Still Be In This Job. Of course, that seems to apply to all the other employees except they are less funny about it. I know the writers of this movie got Oscars and all, but I was all, why is this movie existing? Not a lot is going on here, and I hate movies (example: Garden State) where the hero is totally boring and in a zoned out fog for half the flick and we have to wait around until he gets a personality or whatever. The big climactic moment is the kid going down a waterslide and passing That Guy on it. Um, okay.... So yeah, not great, but whatever.

I put on my sweats when I was about to get off the plane. Mom and I ended up talking with a girl from Maui who was in a little dress and visiting all around California and she was all, "Maybe I'm not properly dressed for here?" Um, no, sweetie, go out and buy a sweatshirt NOW.... Seriously, the weather here is way different when the temperature range is more than ten degrees in a day.

Tomorrow's tentative plans are to go to a movie and go out for sushi--that last one was Mom's idea, even. I think it'll be pretty uh, anticlimactic compared to what we've been up to, but I will try not to immediately go into a post-Hawaii pout.


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