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There Was Sun For A Few Hours

2021-12-24, 8:09 a.m.

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Thursday recap:

Omicron is definitely in my town, with people coming down with it after, guess what, a work party last week. They are saying incubation is 2-3 days after exposure. My test from yesterday came back negative last night, thank god. I knew it was totally stupid to go to karaoke, and yet I went anyway because well, I really wanted to go, even for a little bit. God, I knew it was stupid and I went anyway. (Or more specifically, going and taking off the mask to eat, even if I had it on the rest of the time.) If I test negative on today's test as well it's probably a goddamned miracle after what I did. I went in today and there were slightly more people, families testing together apparently. (Disclaimer: I tested negative on the Thursday test too.)

News from work: sounds like in-person office work is canceled unless you are "essential" from last time for the first week (at least) and our office will be closed to the public, thank goodness. They didn't say anything to staff members, it was on the part-time workers mailing list....not sure what's with that. We were told that we have to get tested next week (even if you're not in the area, apparently) and you're now not allowed on GiantOrg property at all without a negative test, not just having booked your test. Whee.

Asked my therapist if I should give Scott the gift or not, and said to drop it, or give it to him, or she doesn't know, her head is exploding. Mine too. I feel like such shit about the whole thing. Like I'm no longer worthy of a present to him.

It was supposed to be raining all day and night today (hence my happiness to postpone) but it actually DRIED UP around 1:30 and was sunny outside! And over 50 degrees to boot! I haven't wanted to move or do anything at all for weeks on end, but suddenly I wanted to run around outside like it was 90 degrees out. I went for a walk and actually hit 10,000 steps, and I went to Target to look for "shapewear" to wear for the play, assuming that ever happens. Realizing that I'm probably having at least 8 or 9 costume changes--I'M NOT EVEN SURE ON HOW MANY--and it looks like I'm in at least a few of these outfits for like 1.5 minutes at a go--I figure I'm going to need some kind of default under-the-clothes outfit like I saw the girls wearing in Camelot. I didn't particularly want to get Spanx-stuff--I don't try to hide my weight, you get what you get with me--but that's what was available and I managed to find some reasonable biker-shorts-y shorts and a nice tank top with a built in bra in it for these activities. Huzzah.

Good news: I finished the turtle cross stitch. Bad news: (a) the hoop I used STAINED THE FABRIC LIGHT BROWN, when does that happen? (b) no matter how hot I turned the iron on, the creases WOULD NOT COME OUT, (c) I did a crap job of framing (the only frame I found in the right size was quite cheap, not very frame-y, kinda sucked) but that doesn't even matter because of (a) and (b) I feel so dumb. Whatever, I give up.

The rest of the entry will be Christmas movie reviews.

Today's Lifetime: Candy Cane Candidate. Julia Chen just lost a race for city councilmember wherever she lives, then goes back to her hometown of North Falls. The mayor is quitting to be with her grandchild on December 24 and has appointed town hero Parker to be the mayor. Julia (who I note, is not living in this town right now) IMMEDIATELY freaks out that people aren't getting a "choice" for mayor and decides to run herself. Nobody mentions the "hm, you aren't living here right now?" aspect of it all. Even weirder, the mayor decides to hold the vote on December 24 (this seems to be giving the election about 2 weeks), because people totally care about bringing out the vote on THAT day. Julia and Parker ran against each other in high school before, and this is brought up a lot.

Julia has a teen gay nephew and Parker has an Asian teen gay...I'm not sure what, associate, I guess...who snark at each other/are interested in each other. They seem a little old to be teenagers, but the nephew is specifically said to be 16, so.

Julia gets a job interview and her interviewer is QUITE THE LITTLE SNOTTYPANTS. Like, seriously rude about how she's going to lose the election at home, is flirting with a guy, with her parents right now, so she might as well come here. Geeeeeez.

Julia wins by 88 votes. Heck, I thought she was going to lose! Everyone thought she was going to lose! She also got some kind of donation for the town. I note that the gay boys finally start kissing, right as one of their moms shows up. Somehow this does not end up being awkward. Obviously Julie and Parker get together and she's staying, duh.

The Christmas Ball: Clara* is getting fired as a dancer because she's too old, so she goes to visit her aunt in England. Aunt Bridget decides to throw an old-school ball with her historical researcher (they're trying to get the place declared a national landmark) Liam. "How hard can it be?" she says. Aunt Bridget seems to think a lot of people have time to put on a historical ball circa 200 years ago. Clara asks for 8 volunteers to do a quadrille on Christmas Eve. People are mostly reluctant to volunteer...gee, I wonder why on your timing there, Clara.

* note: I noticed way later that it's Clare, not Clara, but fuck it, she keeps talking about The Nutcracker, that's in my brain, I don't feel like going back and fixing it.

I note that everyone keeps telling Clara to be a teacher and Clara doesn't want to. People also keep telling Clara to text "like a normal person," but she won't do that either.

I am amused at people declaring a waltz "boring" and then Clara being all "actually, what with the embracing of your partner, it was downright dirty and scandalous for the time period." On a related note, Liam is the blandest, boringest dude ever.

Clara "improvises" pancakes, badly apparently. You didn't follow a recipe? No, she likes to improvise, which "makes for great dancing and fantastic food." Then she tries her own food and reconsiders.
Liam's pipes freeze and his apartment is ruined. He's all "I can just snuggle up with blankets" and I am all NOPE, YOUR APARTMENT IS RUINED, I KNOW HOW THIS GOES. Of course Aunt Bridget asks him over. Clara gives them the ol' snake eyes gesture. "You didn't really sabotage his pipes, did you?" "No, but I could if I wanted to." Oh yeah, and guess what flooded? THE HISTORICAL EVIDENCE THEY NEEDED because it was on a box on the floor. I FEEL YOUR PAIN, SIR.

Clara is all "after the holidays I'm going to go back to America and audition for new companies even though my aunt literally will give me a free house and dance studio." YEAHRIGHT. And then immediately she gets a call from her old boss because they lost people. "Didn't you FIRE me?" Clara says, and her boss hedges and is all, "no, we were just trying to transition you into teaching!" "I'm not going to come back so you can fire me again," Clara says, and gets a 3 year contract and choreographing out of that. Of course, they insist that she fly home immediately.

You know what, I'd normally super bitch about abandoning a show, and I did about that Dickens movie: BUT SERIOUSLY, 3-YEAR CONTRACT AS A DANCER, SHE BETTER NOT TURN THAT SHIT DOWN, I say. Also, I don't think she's being paid to do this quadrille thing and the audience is literally just some historical committee (who works on December 24?) so it's not a . Now, they are short one person for an 8 person dance when they barely got 8 at all, but...yeah, I really don't care, CLARA, GET THAT MONEY AND CONTRACT. AND THEN SHE IMMEDIATELY BAILS ON IT UPON LANDING IN BOSTON, DA FUCK?!? "I've got to let my feet lead me to where my heart is!" she actually says. Baaaaarf. Then she gets back home and they were all "We were just going to have Liam do a boring presentation instead of dancing without you." Why is a dance movie so boring? Why is everyone in it boring? I AM DEPRESSED AND NEED DISTRACTION AND THIS ISN'T DOING IT.

Everything goes well, house is saved, Clara will now become a teacher in England and make out with Liam. Woot.

Reba McEntire's Christmas in Tune: I only saw half of this one earlier, so here we are again. Reba and John Schneider are Georgia and Joe Winter, a famous couple/singing duet who split up years ago and are definitely cranky at the idea of being brought together to sing again "for the troops," "for charity," and "because our daughter Belle got some military job." They argue a lot. Eventually Belle reveals that *gasp* they aren't actually divorced--they separated but never signed the papers, they had some big ol' fight over singing others' songs/singing alone/blah de blah dad thinks he got demoted, wrote a song about it, they didn't thank each other in award speeches, drama drama.15 year breakup.

Okay, so I've been cross stitching and haven't been taking notes, but this is pretty cute overall, what with them reuniting despite the fighting. And the music is top notch. Not that you'd expect anything less from Reba, but this would be a really good Christmas album to release, is what I'm saying.
"You don't rehearse apologies, Georgia. They come from the heart. And I'm so sorry I broke yours.....I never took off my wedding ring...Would you please, please stay married to me?" THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE AS RINGS ARE REVEALED. Adorable. It does remind me of the end of Walk The Line ("Why don't we finish the song? except totally different).

Today's Hallmark: Journey Back To Christmas: I missed that one from years ago and it's rerunning, so here we go, that Candace Cameron Bure time travel one! This is also THE BEST HAIR CCB has ever had in her LIFE and I wish mine was that full and pretty.

It's WWII. "Nothing ever got solved by blubbering on the sidewalk, ever," says Hannah, crying after watching a newsreel because her husband is dead.
Hannah's friend Julia gets engaged to a patient, Frank. I'm gonna guess she runs into their descendants in the future or something?

There's a Christmas Comet. "It won't come again for another 71 years." "I think comets are miracles," says a small child. Later, Hannah finds a lost dog named Ruffin, drives it to its home, then gets caught in the snow on the way back. She hides in some barn, and then I'm not sure what happens, but I'm assuming something along the lines of "comet, a la what happened to the building in The Wizard of Oz." The next morning she heads out the window (bare-legged--I though stockings were a thing in the 40's, or were they out of them by then?) and sees the 2010's. Whaaaaaat? Anyway, a cop brings her home to the family while they figure this all out.

I love how a small child can look up what shoes women wore in 1945 on her iPad. Hannah is gifted with Uggs. People are all "what if she's a scammer" and I'm all "who da fuck wants to scam that they're from 1945?" The cop guy looks at the fancy 1945 perfume Hannah had in her purse and Googles for it.
The little kid (Gwennie?) tells her about her science teacher, Mr. Cook, who believes in time travel because just because you can't prove something doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Hannah keeps finding old buildings--her old house is now a store(?), the hospital is now a library and finally the house with the dog is now Ruffin Kennels for Guide Dogs. She's taken to a war memorial--but her husband Chet's name isn't there? MYSTERY. The guy cop argues that this perfume from 1945 hasn't oxidized yet, so it's NOT bought off eBay.

Hannah says that she has no idea how to get home again or if she ever will, but she'll try to make herself useful and make the best of it here. TURNS OUT MR. COOK IS TOM SKERRITT AND HE KNEW HER IN 1945. He was...the kid she read to, apparently! His family is the dog-breeding one--the family adopted him. AWWWWWWW. Hannah visits her old friend Dottie (unable to speak) but Dottie does have a postcard from Hannah from 1946 in which she's reunited with her not-dead husband. It of course has a comet on Hannah goes back to where she left off to get poofed back to 1945 because comet.
The cops embrace, finally. This is probably the least romantic Hallmark movie ever, because that got like 30 seconds and Hannah's husband is AWOL.

Hannah's gone. Yes, the cop's family was descended from the engaged couple, as they verify off Hannah's old camera once the film gets developed (Tom Skerritt had it). Back in 1945, Chet just shows up as she's digging out...:)

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