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Someone Else's Family

2009-12-25, 11:57 p.m.

So, today was very low-key. Mom was at work most of the day, so I surfed the Internet, knitted, took a nap, yakked on the phone, yakked on Skype...nothing too spectactular. Wanted to go out for Chinese food, but what with Mom finding other distractions at home, we didn't make it to that before church.

Went to the candlelight church service around here and then yakked about alternative religious points of view with a guy with a master's in divinity. Let's just say that ah, there's some Methodists around who think there's more to life than just the Father, Son, etc. That was pretty entertaining for me to get into. Also kind of funny how we were all talking in code about "flexible" points of view. Then we drove around and looked at Christmas light bling. Aww yeah. Wish I could post pics from here, but oh well.

With regards to invites to other people's tables, we did get one from Mom's coworker, but since I've barely met the woman and her husband is, I gather, quite a lulu, I wasn't too thrilled with that idea. Instead, I did talk Mom into going to San Francisco and booking a table at an Italian restaurant. I was excited about this. Hey, if you can't do your own traditions, do something new and exciting!

Except... at 10 p.m. her friend Jan called with an invite. (You will probably not recall her as the one who invited and then disinvited us last year because I had a cough and she didn't want her father to get sick and die. Mom was all, "Well, he got sick and died, so it's not a problem now!") So...yeah, I caved. No more reservation. Christmas must be with family, even if it's a family of random strangers. Sigh. Fine, whatever. It'll be okay. Not nearly as cool as the SF Christmas I have been trying to plan, but... whatever. Doesn't really matter at this point anyway, the actual day is weird no matter what.

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