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Post-Hawaii Holiday

2013-12-25, 1:09 p.m.

I have sadly not gotten around to writing any posts about Christmas music this year. I have been going around collecting Hawaiian Christmas music in the last few days, but haven't gotten through all of my new CD's yet, so writing about it will probably need to wait until next year. Darn it. But I did hear a lot of songs on Hawaiian radio I hadn't heard before, or funky arrangements of new songs. And while we were driving to the airport, I heard this. WHY DID I NOT KNOW "THE CHRISTMAS CAN-CAN" EXISTED?!?! Shopping, shopping, shopping1 This is brilliant! I will also leave you with another video of an actual Hawaiian Christmas song, Numbah One Day Of Christmas, the pidgin version of 12 Days. More on this next year, probably.

I went looking online for that Santa Hawaiian fabric and found it for sale for half off what it was being sold for in the store. I think I need to do some ordering when I am on my own computer again :) I keep having all of these great sweater ideas now.... it will be hard to decide what of the many things I was inspired by there to put on a sweater. Hawaiian flamingo ornaments? Stockings with bare feet and flip flops on them? A lei? I think a lei attached to the neckline is definitely gonna be on there.

In other news that I hadn't heard of while in Hawaii, the Gavle Goat burned yet again. He wrote his last tweet from goat heaven.

As for Christmas Day here, so far it is a day of Sleeping In. Neither of us slept very well in Hawaii for some reason (plus Mom kept being all, "We have to wake up early and DO THINGS" even on days where we had no official reason to get up early), so I slept about 10 hours and Mom is clearly going for more because as I write this it's past eleven and she's still in bed. I am flabbergasted her house line hasn't started ringing off the hook yet like usual, but I did notice her iPhone is on airplane mode. (Okay, now she's awake and checking her phone and that's where all the messages were going. Texting will ensue for the next hour.)

I watched the end of the Disney Parade stuff--Neil Patrick Harris with Darth Vader and stormtroopers* on the Jungle Cruise, heh heh heh-- and am now watching something called Mandie and the Forgotten Christmas. Which I first thought was some kind of reality show in which teenagers were being forced to pretend they were on Manor House, but.....apparently not. Oookay then. Anyway, Mandie is a blonde, blue-eyed, part Cherokee (oh, casting) heathen-y girl at boarding school who always gets in trouble. For example, the boys at the boys' school nearby just can't seem to find a turkey to shoot for Christmas, so Mandie and her Cherokee uncle go track one down and Mandie shoots it. You go, girl....and then when she gets ragged on that that's a boy's job, Mandie is all, "Hey, I didn't know how to make Christmas gifts for the other girls, but I can at least shoot a turkey." Anyway, the story is about how there's a poor girl hiding in the attic and Mandie has to try to convince the headmistress to let her in. The headmistress isn't totally a bad egg (she is actually pretty reasonable in dealing with Mandie's shenanigans), but she was sorely disillusioned in her youth and of course has to get over that shit for the holidays.

*I typo'd this as "steamtroopers" and now I keep thinking of steampunk stormtroopers. Yup, it's happened.

You know what holiday movie I wish would get more popularity? The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I have been trying to find more information about it, but mostly all I can find is that (a) it had two sequels and (b) the play version of it is quite popular. I'd like to see it myself sometime. When I was in Hawaii I saw this column (reprinted, apparently) and it smacked so much of TBCP that it made me want to watch it again.

According to the television, the Bay Area is having a warm spell (which bodes well for that girl at the airport yesterday) and may be nearing 70! Wow, really? Also, it's a "Spare the Air" day, of all things to happen in WINTER. Strange.

Anyhoo... I'm not sure what the rest of the day will bring here, but I think I better wrap this up before my mom's usual "We gotta GET GOING!" starts to kick in. Either that or the phone calls, one way or the other. Have a happy holiday, y'all!

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