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Don't Look Up

2021-12-25, 9:26 a.m.

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Friday/Christmas Eve writeup:

8:46 a.m. I tested negative yesterday, three days after going to karaoke. I technically don't know if I was exposed to someone with Covid or not this week and cannot find out, I would not be able to get PCR tested again in town before Monday at the soonest. I cannot get a rapid test to do 15 minutes before entering my mom's after a 1.5 hour drive. I feel 100% fine and have no symptoms. This is as good as I can get with regards to making a decision as to whether or not to go. So I am going.

4 p.m. update: Scott was not there when I arrived (whew), his mom said "You got here too early! He's not in yet," and I said that was fine and handed the gift off. She was very nice to me and I thought, "You are so sweet, too bad this is probably the last time I'm ever seeing you." I said to tell him that apparently we're not doing gifts this year but I already had this, so.... I haven't heard from him, of course, because guys suck. Going to go back to not talking to him ever again, as God and the world always intended. Roger was all "He probably doesn't like you very much," and that is certainly true. My therapist was all "maybe you'll get something from him" and yeah, right. Now I know how he really feels, I guess. Too bad there's five weeks of seeing him to go.

I got to Roger's house and hung out there for awhile, and then they wanted to go out for a place where multiple people were coughing around us. I didn't want to take my mask off and eat, and they literally had theirs off the second they sat down and I thought, "What good does it do? I'm going to be around them for several days, whatever they catch, I catch." I didn't have much appetite after all. And we're going out to eat tonight as well and on the 26th. I know I of all people can't judge and well, too late now and all that...

After that, we went back to his house for about an hour (I made him watch a Christmas princess movie I found on ion, hah hah) and then Mom took me back to hers--suffice it to say the bed still isn't entirely cleaned off after 24 hours notice, of course. She at least moved crap off the counter so I can laptop here.

On a lighter note, Roger said some funny stuff:
* "I freeze up at a cluttered environment." I told my therapist I should get an award for keeping a straight face on that one." (Nope, he still doesn't know (or "know?") she's a hoarder after 4.5 years.
* "Do you know what turns me on?" Me: "There are so many ways you could answer that question..." He said I looked shocked, which uh, I had the mask on at the time... Anyway, his answer to this was, seeing my mom swing herself into his truck like a cowgirl. I found this all hilarious and then reminded him of the time he showed me a naked picture of himself...up to his neck in a pond as a kid.
* When he wanted us to leave so he could do some shopping, he claimed he had to go out and get some Kotex.

He also said that he and my mom are very honest with each other (well, except for the hoarding, I suppose) and just talk about things as they come up and happen. I said that's hard for me to do (and frankly, now wishing I hadn't with you-know-who now) and he said it's taken him a long time to get there.

6 p.m. Had to take Mom to the grocery store because guess where she moved the stuff off the bed, I guess--into the car. She bought all this stuff to make dinner tomorrow night. I asked if there was any food in the house for lunch tomorrow and she said "You have your leftovers!" I said, "what are you going to eat?" and "I'll find something...." I grabbed 4 soups since despite the house being full of food in every cabinet and fridge, there is apparently nothing to eat at the house on Christmas Day. I found the slippers I gave Mom in 2019 on the floor and a daily calendar from 2020.

We went out for Chinese food (more isolated from the crowd...I hope) for dinner and then went back to Roger's house to watch Don't Look Up on Netflix. I was over there till 1:10 a.m. (oy) but at least Mom got the bed cleaned off quickly enough that I could go to sleep by 1:25. I stupidly only brought one project to work on this weekend because it's tiny yarn and a large ball and I thought that bringing multiple projects for the weekend like I did last time was a bit much...AND I RAN OUT OF YARN. Literally on the one day all year where I CAN'T RUN OUT AND GET MORE and I took all of the yarn in the house home with me last time. NOW WHAT DO I DO ALL CHRISTMAS DAY WHEN I HAVE THE FIDGETS?!?!?

The rest of this entry will utterly spoil the movie Don't Look Up. I do NOT want to write a spoiler-free review. If you end up watching the movie, you will see where it is going anyway. It's interesting...Roger declared it "potent" and I concur...but it's a movie where you're all "who's going to want to watch this with this depressing subject matter right now?" and that's why it's gonna bomb. Roger said that it satirizes the last few years, but with the amount of total stoopid the general public does in this movie is...well, other than using "comet" and not "virus," it's very close to home. It's very hard to satirize our level of total idiocrazy now. Like, seriously the human race deserves to die out through our own collective stupidity, is where this movie goes. It's billed as a comedy and there are many things one kind of finds funny, but it's not a laugher.

Afterwards I asked him, um, how did you pick this movie? Had you heard of it before? Knew what it was about? He said he saw the trailer and that it had all these stars in it (it is indeed one of those all-star casts). However, as something to watch on December

The plot of it is that PhD student Kate Dubiasky (Jennifer Lawrence, punk redhead) spots a comet. Her professor, Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio, looking much more...average/normal in looks these days, but everyone still acts like he's a prettyboy), does the math and realizes that this comet is the size of Mount Everest and is going to hit Earth and utterly destroy it in six months. They put in calls to NASA, get a sympathetic doctor named Teddy on their side, take an emergency trip to the White House, but...

Well, President Janie Orlean (Meryl Streep, doing a cross between Trump and Sarah Palin) is a self-absorbed wanker who is far more concerned with her Supreme Court nominee that she slept with and all of his sex scandals, and the midterms, and she tells them to sit and wait about it. Um, NO. So they get a (fake NYT) article written and get booked on a "light and fun" morning talk show that doesn't want to acknowledge this. Kate starts yelling that we're all going to fucking die on the show, which of course gets her dubbed as A Crazy Person and meme'd all to hell. However, the president finally pays attention when she realizes that a comet will distract from all her other scandals, so there's that. I guess.

Kate is either tagging along or shut out, as is Teddy. Randall, by virtue of white penis owning, gets to be an official science advisor to the White House, dubbed "astronomer I'd like to fuck" in the media and starts fucking the lady TV host (Cate Blanchett). Of course Randall is married, so that goes well--I did enjoy the scene where his wife confronts them, Cate doesn't give a shit at all, and the wife starts throwing all of his anxiety meds at her and says it's HER job to take care of him now.

Anyway, the original plan is to knock the comet off its intended pathway (I note that Roger said he used to work on stuff like this in one of his jobs...said you want it knocked off orbit, not breaking up into pieces), and going all "Independence Day" by sending some old guy into orbit. AND THEN A RICH DONOR realizes that the comet is made up of all these rich minerals and we have to saaaaaaave the comet! Literally they call off the whole thing and have the guy circle back, and the new plan is to let it land but have it break up into a bunch of salvageable pieces, because MONEY.

Of course that fails. Of course an attempt by other nations to band together and move the comet away fails. You know from the get-go (or I did, anyway) that this is going to end all "Cabin In The Woods" and everyone dies. I know I spoiled, but seriously, you can tell because everyone is far more obsessed with producing stupid memes, shooting themselves in the face for "launch challenge," making memes of Kate's face, etc. It becomes a whole MAGA-y thing when a "Look up!" at the comet campaign--because of course some people don't think it exists--becomes a "Don't Look Up" campaign from the president and her chief of staff/idiot son (Jonah Hill, being his most Jonah Hill). At one point they get Ariana Grande to sing (actually it's a good song) about the whole comet thing and you think, "Literally nobody else is paying any attention until this moment."

In the end, our characters who actually tried to stop it have one last dinner together, and it's the sweetest part of the movie. "We tried, didn't we?" they say, as the comet hits earth and everyone dies. Well, Jonah Hill survives at the very end of the credits to somehow try to post a last man on earth selfie online (how?) and in the mid-credits scene, the president and the rich guy and the 52% on ark pods who survived land on another planet 22,700+ years later only to get eaten by space dinosaurs.

Roger and I had an interesting discussion afterwards about how it shook him up, but nobody's going to listen to this (or anything). He compared it to Doctor Strangelove, which I haven't seen so I can't speak to that. What it reminded me of was the second book in the Outlander series, in which Claire and Jamie try to head off Culloden happening, but there's only two much that two people can do and you can't really stop the collective crazy of society swarming in the most destructive direction.

So um, Merry Christmas, everybody?!

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