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Present Roundup

2008-12-26, 9:21 a.m.

Well, Christmas wasn't that bad in the end, I guess.

We did gifts around noon or so. I got the following:

* enough bath crap to start my own store. I am serious when I say I got two large boxes of bath crap JUST FROM MOM OVERORDERING AT AVON. She didn't even know what some of it was, and neither did I. Bizarre.
* books of the "sexy corset" and "nerd romance" variety
* books I picked out, whew
* knitting calendar
* gift cards to Old Navy and Michael's- I now have $75 to spend there, WHOO
* a mini-laptop running Linux. I am excited about this because I want to use my laptop for the presentation in February, but have been worried as to how reliably my laptop will run at it, as it is slow, overloaded, and buggy. A travel-size will do nicely.
* a printer/scanner/copier
* jewelry I picked out over the last month
* a...fancy nail file from That Side Of The Family. Seriously, it is some kind of "forever" nail file they got at a craft fair, with dichroic glass on it. I wish I could upload pics on Mom's computer. Words cannot express the "Huh?!" of this one.

So, mixed bag from "yay" to "huh?", I guess.

I got to sit around watching Love Actually for awhile, which was great. I wish I had gotten to starting all my new yarn projects that I wanted to start today, but oh well.

Did go see Marley and Me. The theater was pretty well full. It was okay. Well, I didn't cry at least. (Mom called Aunt Susie at the end of the night and they all went to it and cried. To be fair, they have an old dog too.)

Then we went over to the neighbors' house for dinner. I know I wrote some entry about the neighbor ages ago, but I can't recall what it was to link to it. But basically, the guy of the couple is a repo man/fighter type/owned a karate studio/used to be a bounty hunter, and listening to his stories is pretty much like watching Dog The Bounty Hunter. His longtime live-in girlfriend/babymomma is the one we mostly hang out with, she's real friendly and from Oklahoma. Drinking was involved, on my part and the ladies there that weren't Mom, anyway.

Conversational topics included:
* a story about how some lady running for the buffet on a cruise ship shoved one of their kids out of the way, and the guy made a loud comment about this along the lines of "How dare you, (kid's name), get in the way of a lady running for the buffet!" and got their family declared "Family of the Week" on the cruise ship.
* how the guy got out of the hospital recently, including the story of him replacing his nose tube and grossing out the nurse. Yes, this was right before dinner...
* stories about cow tipping in Oklahoma
* stories about dancing so hard your pants ripped
* stories about dancing so hard your pants ripped- and they were leather pants- AND no underwear was on underneath...

Yes, much more entertaining than being asked why I don't have a man yet by the other side of the family, or being ignored. Heh.

So in the end, not bad.

Oh, I forgot one more present I got: tickets to Phantom of the Opera for the 26th! So that's what I'm doing today.

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