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Phantom of SF

2008-12-27, 11:54 a.m.

Well, yesterday we saw Phantom. It was...Phantom-y. I'm not sure what else to say! I saw the show in high school, so I was somewhat comparing the two and thinking things like, "Huh, I don't remember him having his mask off that LONG before" and "Shouldn't that chandelier look a little more deadly?" But, y'know, it's a cool show anyway. Liked the actors, liked the music, etc.

After that, they wanted to "bum around San Francisco," which I wasn't terribly enthused about at the time because they had originally said we were going to go to dinner somewhere else that I wanted to go to. We ended up in the Westfield mall. I eventually ended up with a couple of sweaters and a pair of gray boots. Um...yeah, post-Christmas shopping strikes again. Didn't get to wander around Union Square (never made it), which is a bit sad, but whatever.

It was an all right day, really.

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