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SF and NC and GV

2013-12-27, 10:35 p.m.

Yesterday we went to San Francisco and roamed the streets, taking pictures of the Union Square windows like always. Pretty much the same old, same old, I suppose. The one thing i did that was different was that I talked Mom into letting me hit Britex Fabrics (4 floors of fabric shopping....well, 3 and 1 floor of notions) to attempt to see if they had any Hawaiian fabric. They actually did have some red and green flowered fabric, so I bought a yard of it, and some funky white loopy trim to use as a "light" trim at the top. So now I can make a hat whenever I have access to a sewing machine again.

Today we very eventually drove up to Nevada City and Grass Valley and basically finished the looking around and shopping that I wanted to do on Thanksgiving weekend. I found some flower beads and some FRUIT beads to maybe put on the hat as well...or maybe a Hawaiian Christmas sweater, I'm undecided as yet. I got a book, Mom got some books and a ton of snowmen things for some reason. Oh ,and if you ever went to Nevada City and want to know what happened to the fairy store (Tanglewood), it's moved over farther down onto Pine Street. I'm glad it's not out of business!

I can't really come up with much to say tonight. I'm back at my house for the moment to spend the night, so I can drop off some of my stuff, go through my Hawaiian things, watch the movie Princess Kaiulani and download my pictures and burn my CD's. I took 1902 pictures, apparently....oh god, that'll take forever to upload. Shiiiiiit.

Yeah, this is a pretty boring entry for two days worth of stuff, but I want to get this up before I forget and get wrapped up in other things.

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