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Frozen Light Show

2014-12-27, 8:37 p.m.

I spent today hanging out with Jackie--she took me to Sushi Sam's in San Mateo, which had DELICIOUS spider rolls. Wowza. Other good food too, but especially that. I was even impressed by the green tea tiramisu, and I normally don't like green tea or tiramisu (sorry, it's the coffee flavor) too much. Go figure.

We walked around by there and came across this school. At first we were all, "why is a place that looks like a store selling superhero merch claiming to be a "university?" and then we saw their back patio area....with a pool....and the front of it looks impressive. In a hotel sort of way. But....if you read the review I linked there, the place sounds pretty ridiculous for the price they are charging.

Jackie and I were already talking about certain idiot relatives of hers who think six kids are going to be offered full ride scholarships to UC because they are international, and how uh, these days international students are cash cows to bring money IN rather than go OUT....I explained to her how much people pay per quarter now (it's about what we paid per year back in the day) and how it's only going up and people spend longer in school....She asked what I'd recommend that people do these days and I said "plumbing school, they can't outsource that to India."

We also discussed, coincidentally, how Divergent is totally stupid, for exactly the reasons Lisa said. Well, that and it's stupid to claim that people are Just One Thing, not to mention those five things, and who thought this was a good plot idea anyway.

After that, we went to a few places so she could take back gifts, and I managed to restrain myself from buying anything. Then I came back to town and Mom and I went to check out this lights show. Holy cow, Deacon Dave has a rival--y'know, if he was into such a concept of "rivals," which I am sure he is not. The house is located at the end of a court (convenient) and people were not only parked to watch, but were walking in. This year's theme is "Frozen" and they were showing excerpts from the movie on a flat long screen. They played the usual hit songs, AND had smoke AND a water show going on in addition to the lights. I even saw some mistletoe hanging off a light in the middle of the block. It was very impressive. After the show ends, the owner does a little talk about how they're being recruited for the third season of The Great Light Fight. I'll be impressed if they make it onto that show- their house seems a little small for what I recall of the ones I've seen on that, but putting in a movie might give them an edge.

In other news, while I was gone, some friend of Mom's went off and got her and Mom the last two tickets to Beach Blanket Babylon on New Year's Eve. No, I can't get one too. I am....unthrilled at this, to say the least. I already hate having lameass New Year's Eves as is (I'm usually out of town, the friends even remotely near to here aren't doing anything plus Mom would give me crap if I drove anywhere on that night of drunks, I usually end up at the movies with Mom but I don't even want to see anything this year), but being abandoned to go to a show I'd like to see...yeah, I'm trying to be polite and not say how I feel about this, other than "Well, maybe I'll just go home early on New Year's Eve or something," except it's not like I'll be doing anything there either. I'm not even entirely sure I'll get the TV channels working enough to watch the Rose Parade, so.... eh. I am displeased. Hell, even the Hallmark Channel is just going to show reruns of The Middle. GAH.

In other news, we are supposedly going to SF tomorrow, since we have a bunch of appointments (eye doctor, car doctor, hair dye, etc.) Monday and Tuesday. We'll see how that goes.

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