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Train Drama

2021-12-27, 12:17 p.m.

This morning:

* So far nobody is obviously sick! All feel fine!

* I introduced my mother to the whole Jorts thing and then went down the rabbit hole of looking at all the various Jorts crafts people have been making.

* Mom bought she and I two pairs of sneakers and spent too much time trying to figure out which were hers (too small) vs. mine. .

* I think Mom is starting to vaguely suspect Roger wasn't 100% into the train (he didn't tell his sister about the train), but I am not gonna say a damn thing. I cannot help him with this one. All I can say is that everyone in this family gets gifted a toy train, one way or another. Mom later told Sandy on the phone she told Roger if he really doesn't want it they can regift it, and he didn't say anything. But he said not to come over till 2 today "so maybe he's putting the train up." Ruh-roh.

* Found out that the reason I was staying here until Monday afternoon/night--we were invited to go to a family friend's for lunch in Discovery Bay--just got canceled for her having a cold. (I asked if it was Covid but didn't get an answer on that one.) So I suppose I will leave earlier, then. I kinda feel bad because if not for that I would have been leaving today and would have been around to help with more theater construction...but oh well, it sounds like it's more building today than painting anyway. I admit I'm kind of relieved at the cancellation though--I wanted to see Angelica, but ever since she got the house you can ONLY see her if you go to her house and it's far away from everything and I did not want to have to deal with the drive over there + driving home + raining and stuff and whatnot. She said that getting sick ruined all her plans for vacation, because of course that happened.

* Mom was all "I'm so fat!" followed by "We should have a competition!" and I said NO. "I am not wanting to exercise right now. I am cold cold cold cold" (at home anyway, I'm really enjoying both Mom and Roger actually having heaters that work) "and I do not want to move my body. I will move around more when it is warmer, I am not going to beat myself up over this."

* Mom called Sandy and Sandy was complaining that she doesn't want anything or need anything, but people still buy her stuff, and if someone buys her gnomes, then everyone thinks she likes gnomes...I asked what people should do if they feel obligated to give a gift but you don't want anything, and I didn't get an answer on that one.
She mentioned a relative of hers getting a particularly ugly hat that he liked, so I mentioned the "cunning hat" from Firefly.
On something buttery they ate: "It went straight to our butts."
* "He hoards everything. He hoards CANDY WRAPPERS THAT HE LIKES."
* Mom: "I think everyone should have a train in their life." Sandy: "Me too."
* If you buy a stick car, your friends can't borrow your car!
* She told me a story about shaving a cat and how it likes a vibrator (back pain, not sexy, I did ask).

Afternoon/night: I went to Joann's with Mom and bought a ton of yarn--I managed to find what I was looking for and 2 packs of cool yarn, Mom bought herself a bunch of stuff too. Then we went to Roger's and went out to Popeye's, a fast food joint I've heard that has good (and not bigot) fried chicken. Thankfully they just got drive-through and ate in the car, so I didn't feel scared/guilty about going out again. Then we went back to Roger's and just hung out. There was a giant crossword puzzle in the newspaper that I did. It was large but easy, so I got about 95% of it, yay. We had leftovers and then watched what they wanted to watch--60 Minutes, Yellowstone, 1883 (boring) and The Rookie. It was a pretty chill evening, which is nice.

As for the train: both of them fell asleep and then Roger woke up first... and started setting it up. And was rather overly enthusiastic about it. Which made Mom happy, even though by Monday morning she had figured out he didn't want the train. I pointed out that if the guy loves her enough for that...that's saying something. And indeed he did say to me that she can be a pain, but she has the biggest heart. Yeah, that's my experience of her too.

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