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2008-12-28, 10:39 a.m.

Spent the day sleeping in, a lot, and shopping. Followed Mom around Old Navy and Dress Barn. Loaded up, as usual. I did get to sneak into a bookstore for a bit (yay), but alas, I was denied going to Michael's to go buy more yarn. I attempted to fill in at Wal-Mart (at the very least, I needed some yarn for an edging), but they were pretty well cleaned out. Mom was vaguely pondering learning how to knit and bought herself yarn and needles last night, but she won't do it. Which is to say that when we got home, she came out with "I need to clean!"...then she didn't. As usual. Sigh. Oh well, at least she didn't buy the huge "knitting loom" thing that she was insisting on for awhile, 'cause you know that would only sit around the house gathering dust.

Went to dinner with Laurie and Connor. Laurie seemed to be doing better, albeit at a loss as to what to do in life. I vote we pass her Mom's knitting needles. Connor was...well, I continue to be amazed that he isn't quite as rude as I am expecting him to be, but he is still pretty rude. Mostly in "girls have cooties" mode, present grabby, doesn't talk, etc. Sadly, the kid's dad is an asshole and wants to be involved in his life and raise him to be an asshole too, so I don't have hopes there. Laurie might have better luck if she'd had a girl, but Macho Montana Man got a boy, so...yeah.

I got a book for Christmas, Everyday Crochet, because there were a couple of patterns I wanted to make out of it. A long coat and a long vest. Well, this is the weirdest craft book I ever saw in my life, because every pattern is based off of the ones before it in the book. By which I mean, in order to knit the coat at the back of the book, I am told to reference three other patterns that came before it. SO confusing. I actually started typing out the parts from each pattern and putting them all onto one sheet just so I could figure out what the hell I am doing. I got five or so rows done on the yoke neck last night and am amazed I got that far. This is COMPLICATED beyond belief, and I have my doubts I'll be able to figure out how to finish it. I'll be amazed if I do.

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