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Beach Christmas

2010-12-28, 10:39 a.m.

So yesterday.... very eventually... we did the annual trip to Carmel/Monterey. Alas, it wasn't quite as cool as previous trips because Mom insisted on finishing up a bunch of gifts, and dropping them by various people, and we didn't even leave until after 1... so by the time we got down there, she went to a few galleries and then we had to eat dinner, that pretty much shot going shopping because things close hella early there. Sigh. Oh well, I don't tend to buy much there anyway, so the shopping is no biggie. But when you go there once a year, I would have liked to have made more of a day of it, y'know?

We did, however, go by the beach, which was beautiful. Like last year, a bunch of people were standing around watching the sunset and bringing their dogs (Carmel is dog-crazy) and taking shots of things. And as I looked out at that peaceful beach, that beautiful sunset, that actually-kinda-warm-day for NorCal in December, I thought.... "SUCK IT EAST COASTERS!" and though how grateful I was to be born in this state and to never, ever have to travel to the East Coast in winter. Hey, you gotta count your bonuses somewhere these days.

So, yeah, I don't have much to add today either. It's supposed to be pouring buckets of rain today, oh goodie, so naturally Mom wants to run a bunch of errands in it. We'll see how much time I get on the computer today--let's hope for more.

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