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2013-12-28, 1:24 p.m.

I need to do my journal entry for today some point we'll be leaving here again and doing a late night airport pickup to boot.

Last night and this morning we have been watching the movie Princess Kaiulani. Oh man, what a sad story, but an awesome princess. Also, she was Hawaiian/Scottish, how awesome is that? I'd love to be Hawaiian/Scottish! I've read about what happened to Queen Liliuokalani, but not so much her heir, hence watching the movie. So I am going to post some links about her. Died of a broken heart, indeed. Wow. What a shame. But she sounded like a really cool person. Damn that Hawaiian annexation! Okay, so I love that Hawaii is American, but it was still wrong.

I am also uploading pictures, which is taking forever. For the first time ever, I'm trying to upload a zipped folder of the Hawaii pictures... all thousand-something of them. I don't know when these will finish, if ever, at this rate! I got everything else uploaded, so here's some photo linkage for the day that really should go with other entries. Oh well....

Here's the start of this year's general Christmas pictures of houses and San Francisco and Nevada City.
Deacon Dave's house this year starts at the bottom of this page.
I adapted/designed my own stuffed Gavle goat.
My vine legwarmers, pattern adaptation forthcoming.

Specific pics from my hometown:
* Here's what I call "Beer Corner:" From my hometown, four houses had no other lighting than one giant alcoholic beverage: wine, Christmas martini, giant beer stein, and champagne flute.
* Christmas pony.
* Inflatables all over this yard.
* I also saw this inflatable reindeer stable in lots of places, including two in Kauai.
* Seeing this hula Santa on a house made me quite happy.
* Santa, here's a hint.
* I mentioned the Santa house here: here's the photos I attempted to take of it with my phone. Yes, they suck, but hopefully you get the idea of what I was seeing.

Deacon Dave's:
* Santa's Castle is this year's theme.
* Dog scene.
* Santa's mail service.
* Tree.
* House of the dove.
* Elf jumping on the bed (yes, it's hard to see through the film, sorry).
* Jingles and Jangles, the actual doves.
* Castle game
* This year's light count.
* Ace's Sleigh Garage, with a guy sliding in and out at the bottom!
* Waterfall.
* Feeding the reindeer. Note Cupid....seems to be getting down.

San Francisco pics:
* Kitties! More kitties!
Great doggie in the window. More doggies. Queen doggie. Skater doggie. And some kitties. And a shiny heart.
* The front of Macy's.
* The Westin St. Francis Holiday Sugar Castle. A little info about it.
* The Westin St. Francis earthquake story.
* The Union Square tree.
* The ice skating rink.
* From the inside of Macy's.

Nevada City:
* A wee bit of snow remains.
* Broad Street at night.
* Sunset.

Grass Valley:
* Tacky Christmas ties. I seriously thought about buying one, except I look terrible in ties and sequins shed.

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