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2021-12-28, 7:28 a.m.

Monday recap: slept in quite a bit, didn't get up until 11:30. Had lunch, then went to Costco with Mom to get myself an electric blanket for $60. Then followed her around while she got random stuff, Roger talked her out of getting some stuff, and she got a lot of alcohol because Costco was SOOOOOOOO FULL OF ALCOHOL and yet nothing Roger would have gone for, I guess? She did buy us all some different chocolate booze and a couple of bottles I requested, and then was all "I don't want you to become an alcoholic." Hahahahah, if she saw my liquor cabinet at home....ahahahah.

I ended up leaving around 2:30 and got home by 4, during a brief dry spell in life, got it all into the house. My living room is covered in yarn now, but I did put away the clothes and plug in the electric blanket, at least. I'm not terribly impressed with its setup--you have to plug in BOTH ENDS of the bed, separately, but eh...It's cheap. I somehow "break" electric blankets from year to year so I am not bothering to put more money into that. I only caved in and wasted getting another one because of the rumors of SNOW--seriously?!- tomorrow. I also scheduled my next Covid test for Wednesday, since apparently they are closed Thursday. Let's hope I'm in the clear.

Dawn briefly came over to give me a present--unicorn coloring book :) We hung out for a bit. She's gone looking at lights, was dealing with ham radio equipment, and inflated the inflatable dachshund she got indoors and it's SEVEN FEET LONG. I asked if she deflated it and moved it outside and she said, "no, it's an indoor dog." Having seen her living room, that must take up oh, ALL OF IT?

Rehearsal: we did all of act 1. I did park my car in a different spot but sat in the same spot. Mostly I tried to ignore Scott, which is super fun to try to do while doing a dance number with someone. Oh well, that's not in Act 2 and that's tomorrow night. He sat on the opposite side of the room from me originally (not his usual) and then moved over to sit either in front of or behind me for the rest of the night...make of that what you will. No present, no thank you for present, made a few play-related remarks and that was it. He kept cracking up while in the audience and/or making bird noises during the scene with "pigeons." I caved in and asked if he's doing the sound effects officially and nope, he was just doing that recreationally. SIGH. I am definitely no longer speaking to him after this show is over. I'm tempted to ask Robert if he and Scott are still doing gift-giving or if it's just me or what here. Maybe I will. Or maybe that sounds petty/tacky to ask.

But officially I am no longer deemed present-worthy by him, and that sucks and I feel sad, ashamed, and embarrassed. I am definitely stopping talking to him forever after this show is over, no question. I'm sorry I "shot my shot" and ruined everything.

Number of people who got officially sick over the break: 1 (Evan), was described as having a "cold" but I think we all know what a cold means now :( Apparently from what I read today, omicron is now like a typical mild cold that comes on the day after exposure--if you're double or triple vaxxed anyway. And apparently we're all moved to only quarantining/isolating (I know they define it differently, but it feels the same) for five days once you get diagnosed while vaccinated as long as you don't get symptoms. I...guess that's good for the future when we all have to?

Jean the costume designer was exposed to someone who had it on Thursday and I guess the jury is still out on that one and she wasn't there tonight. Dannette and Arthur were out but not for any cited reason, hopefully they just had some other thing they had to do. People were a bit thrown off on the placement of things while missing three people. That seems like maybe we need to practice missing people :( I don't know how that's going to go since we haven't done understudies or anything--god knows we don't have time, we barely get drilled ourselves once or twice.

We have to get here at 6:30 tomorrow for photos in the old lady outfits. Ugh, does that mean I have to get pantyhose?

In other news, it's interesting to actually see the whole thing in order, because I only see the group numbers. I'm in the opening 2 numbers, briefly in "I Wanna Be A Producer" and in the last number and otherwise I got some relaxing time to chill and crochet. We got to see the other numbers--Ulla being sexy, everybody being gay (though I note there is no wedgie in that dance number after all, sigh), Leo being nervous, sex jokes. I note that the pigeons are all black crows (as I recall, white birds weren't on sale in the craft stores, but black ones were). I asked if they were getting spray painted white and ah, sounds like they're just gonna go with black birds as a joke.

Fun facts I found out about Richard (Roger): he's broken his back(!!!), shattered his elbow and had heart failure. GOOD GOD, WE'RE LUCKY HE'S STILL UPRIGHT AND ALIVE.

Rae and her mom kept texting (mostly Rae) wanting to get together tomorrow afternoon. Fine by me, but man, I can't answer a phone during rehearsal, I need to go tell her that. It'll either be Harry Potter/dancing or shopping and Starbuck-ing for her birthday. Argh, I don't have the Loki done yet if she wants to early birthday ...hopefully get it done in the morning?

Today's Hallmark: Nantucket Noel: yet another "the evil yet hot business developer is tearing down my toy store" plot. The hot developer's daughter is named "Wink." ???? "I bet that's short for something." Winifred, the kid says, named after Grandma. Wink shoplifts a mermaid and the owner of the toy store, Christina, will "let it go" by having Wink help her out one morning.

"That guy could be Brad Pitt's younger brother. Look at that bone structure," is how Trevor Donovan is described. He is a hot blonde in every Hallmark movie, I must say. He certainly is looking better than Brad Pitt, who hasn't been a pretty boy since A River Runs Through It and at this point he looks rode hard and put away wet.

There is a Christmas boat parade! I'm down with this, I've always wanted to see one, couldn't go the one time I sorta got an invite to one, and then was told it wasn't that great anyway. Oh wait, the developer is hot blonde's dad and he says the stores are so run down we're going to have to bulldoze and rebuild it all, and have everyone out there before Christmas. Christina tells him the fuck off and his dad is all "This is my business and it's important to me, not a cliche." WILL THEY EVER FIND TRUE LOVE AND SAVE THE STORE?

Dad is giving fat bribes to the other wharf store people and they are taking them, to start a theater troupe! Hottie (Andy) thinks he can find Christina a new location and she's all "I know ALL the properties around here." She still hangs out with him anyway because he's nice and hot, even if his dad isn't so much and the dad bitches Christina out for putting up at tree.

"I have fun."
"You're wearing a suit at the beach."

There is a gingerbread house contest. Christina has "Another Bittlesman Development" and "Under Construction" signs added to hers (Andy's business cards, he says) after the roof falls in. They win because there's like only three competitors and well, it's funny. "That hits close to home" and "very meta," the judges say. I admit that might be my favorite Hallmark gingerbread house this year out of sheer perversity.

Christina's arguing and pleading doesn't work, and she finds another location and starts packing up. This reminds me of You've Got Mail, except people are more chipper about her losing the family store.

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