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Praying To St. Corona

2022-12-28, 5:56 p.m.

Last night: Cabaret tech week week 1, night 2. Costumes start tonight. The show didn't start until after 8 because it was photo/video day (minus two people), which made Omar a bit grumbly. I brought books and yarn because I expected it to be late :P I felt very bad for the girl who was literally spreading her legs to the camera. Hoooo boy.

There is an adorable rainbow fuzzy...creature of some kind... (stuffed animal) on the desk. I took a photo of it and told Steve I liked the new pet, he wrote "Hello Jennifer" on a note next to it. Adorable.

Josh (Ernst) was back tonight and I discovered that he also plays another waiter/dude Kost is banging. Alas, they don't do drastically different hair/facial hair on the revolving door of dudes. Disappointed.

Kelvin and Sarah are still sick/testing positive today. Sarah said her fever just broke and apparently Kelvin coughed for 15 minutes straight. They were watching the show on Zoom tonight. Kelvin recited his lines off Zoom, so at least I had some idea of the dialogue. I continue to note that doing light cues based off the movements of a guy who's not there is A Problem and I keep having to point out that someone needs to indicate what he's singing/doing for me to do that. Jan does remember to go up and act out his bits at times, which is funny.

Kimmie is sad that she can't make her usual snark about Steve doing a long opening speech when he's also going to be on headsets. I dunno, he can't have the headset on while he's giving his speech....

I will note that for me, it's useful that he's on the headset so he can cue me/answer questions about the cues. Which are going pretty well, other than JEEBUS CHRIST HE PUT IN TWENTY CUES IN THE LAST 2.5 PAGES. Every other line at least (sometimes one right after the other) there's a new cue. GOOD GOD HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DO ALL THAT WITHOUT FUCKING UP?! Steve was cranky about it ("go go go!"), I was apologizing, Omar was all "don't apologize," then Jan realized it was literally the first time I was doing all that. Hoooooooo boy. So not looking forward to THAT, but otherwise it's gone pretty well. That said, he did say I did a few of them perfect, so yay there.

We didn't get out until 11-ish, and I stayed until 11:35 while Steve redid cues/talking out what to do them on.


Kat: "Are you trying to hide my tattoo?"
Steve: "Yes."
Jan: "They're Kit Kat girls." (I assumed this translates into "nobody needs to bother to hide their tats in this one?")
Steve: "Yeah, but they didn't have tattoos like that! They said 'mom' or 'dad."

Steve to Chris in his trench coat: "That should be something you wear every day."

Steve: "I was distracted by shiny objects." Someone else: "Aren't we all?"

To the folks on Zoom:
Steve: "Make sure you don't get a computer virus too."
Jan: "You look great, except for the covid."
Dannette: "I'm having fun doing the emcee lines, but I'm looking forward to not being schizophrenic."
Chris sang "Two Ladies" and danced for the camera.

Steve, after being razzed by Jan/Kimmie for not putting a blackout in: "That's what you get for doing it on your phone."

Steve on the line about how Cliff can only do a small whoopee: "That's a tiny whoopee."

Lorene blanked out on the name "Bowles." Chris: "Ask her who she is!" Lorene: "If I remember to bring her in!"

Watching "Two Ladies" without the emcee continues to be weird, with Ariana yelling out, "Kelvin, we miss you!" and Kat saying, "My boobs are out!" (I didn't see a nip slip, but there's a lot of rolling around in skimpy stuff.)

Kimmie: "Montana doesn't have to be here" (for set changes), "throw him back in the pit."

Kimmie: "I need you to, excuse my language, HAUL ASS."

Me, watching Kost wear an actual dress for the first time all show: "OMG, she's actually dressed!"

Steve and Kimmie on the train set, which is a park bench on a platform. "What a crappy train." "I know, it's horrible!"

Steve, doing lines in fake German, ended in "bork bork bork."

Kimmie: "I am missing 10 bodies! Well, actually 8...Sarah, you missed all of your set changes tonight, it's not like you! Slap the hand!"

Steve told me that the last time they did Cabaret, he did Schulze and could NOT remember the lyrics of "Meeskite" and would just make stuff up. Then in week three he remembered he has a photographic memory and "duh, I could just LOOK at the script." LOL. Me: "Did you do that after forgetting the speech in Evita?"

Omar and me:
"What time it is?" "7:43." "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck."

Omar chugs a drink in one go and then pitches it into the trash.
Me: "You look very dramatic."
Omar does a long-ass burp, followed by, "I'm the president of the theater, I'm supposed to be dramatic."

Omar: "I could use a pineapple right now."

Omar: "Were we as bad as that?" (watching people be confused)

Omar took a selfie from the booth. Me: "You're selfie-ing up here?"

Omar to me as Steve and Jan bicker over cues: "Mom and Dad are fighting."

Today: Well, today STARTED out good...went over to Loretta's house and we were putting a puzzle together with Dawn, trying out the new puzzle thing I got her for Christmas and it was going well. Mom texted to say they were coming in for lunch tomorrow. All was well.

Then Steve, who said yesterday he had a sinus infection, texted that he tested positive with covid and that I have to test immediately. I had to run out the door (at least I hadn't taken off my mask the entire time I was at Loretta's and we hadn't started on food yet!!!), tested negative at home, and then I ran out and covid doomsday prepped shopped to not have to leave the house for weeks if/when I get it. I have bought literally all the soups and orange drinks and dug up my pulse whatever-that-thing-is I got years ago and the temperature checker and all the cold remedies and I am as doomsday prepped as one can get.

I pretty much figure since I was around Steve in very close quarters for probably a half hour, I may be done for. I was KN95'd the entire rehearsal except for a few minutes of eating/drinking, during which I walked away from other people and Steve wasn't around for that. He said the three most covid cautious people he knew all have it now. He thinks he got it from Ben and Noel when they came over for dinner on the 24th because now they have it. If I don't catch it from this one, it'll be a miracle. I feel fine so far, but who knows. I want to believe I'm immune, but how likely is that?

I asked about canceling the gala (specifically at what point do they have to, because when Boris was out they had to cancel, but since Steve isn't piano playing on this and the guy who is piano playing musical directs the kids' shows, maybe Montana can just manage it?), and he said they can't cancel or they go out of business because they can't refund $15k. OH GOOD LORD. Honestly, was that a good idea to put on something that expensive that can't be canceled under the circumstances?!?!

I also got a call for providing a reference to my former coworker who wants to become a cop. I JUST CANNOT FUCKING DEAL WITH THAT CALL TODAY. I feel bad, but seriously, MY BRAIN AIN'T THERE RIGHT NOW. I know I should in case I fall sick tomorrow, but gah, I can't even think about that. I can't EVEN be all "can you confirm his dates of employment" (not really?!) or any of that BS.

Jackie is not doing well--they drove rather than fly to Disney and she is very, very motion sick in the rental car. (Not covid, she says.) Can't sleep with two snorers in an AirB&B and she has to stay awake to take care of her mother anyway. Good god.

I did hear from Mike and Jess, as so far they are the only person who have spotted me in that article. (Looks like I'm only in about two paragraphs? Whew.) They agree with me and Mike said he's handicapped for life now due to covid, so. I proceeded to rant over email some more on this topic, given how the day went. Like hello, how much worse would I be feeling now (probably literally) if I hadn't had it on last night?!

So far, people are testing negative as far as I see on the cast FB page. (One mention of "Kimmie got a false positive," I have no idea how that happens.) Some people tested twice, which made me think, "should I do that?" but eh...still no symptoms so maybe not waste a test on that. Doesn't look like rehearsal's going to be canceled under the circumstances, so I guess I'd better post this now.

Wish me luck. Fingers crossed, knocked on wood, praying to St. Corona.

Oh yeah, and I got invited to TWO NYD parties--Jean (costumes) and Scott (or at least his mom) of all people. I said maybe to both. SIGH.

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