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2009-12-29, 10:57 p.m.

Yesterday, this is how my day started, with me thinking, "If it is 9 a.m., I woke up at 8:30 and am totally dressed and ready to go,but YOU are in your bra and panties, your hair in curlers, and you're brushing your teeth...DON'T START NAGGING ME IF I AM READY YET. I'm just saying."

So, Mom and Mauricio and I went to the Walt Disney museum in SF today. They claim it should take about an hour and a half to go through, but we took FIVE HOURS. I can't say I'm surprised at that, having been in museums with Mom before, plus this one is crammed to the gills with VIDEO. There's probably 6-8 videos at least in every one of the ten galleries they've got in there. I decided to attempt to be as slow as Mom is in museums by watching ALL of every video they had, and kept this up for about eight galleries or so before hitting burnout (see two paragraphs below). I actually was a little BEHIND her, doing that.

The best room in the place is the Disneyland room, which is this multilevel, multisectioned room with a long ramp, Walt Disney's personal rideable backyard train, a giant World's Fair TV Ball hanging above it all, a giant old school Disneyland diorama around the other end of the ramp, and about five rows of TV's on one wall showing various clips from Disney's TV show. Holy cow.

(By comparison, the room right before it, dedicated to Walt's live-action animal videos, was clearly of the "we don't care about this, let's just get it over with" variety. It's one narrow wall, with a giant window view of SF on one side, and four videos angled into the wall so that they're hard to even watch on the other side. Hmmmmmmmm.)

Anyway, it's worth seeing if you are a Disney dork, but I'd say to expect it to take your entire day just to view it all, and eat beforehand, which we didn't. I was freaking exhausted afterwards, and begged off on roaming the streets of Union Square at night because I didn't have the energy to do that any damn more.

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