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Bleah, Money

2016-12-29, 9:44 a.m.

So, now Debbie Reynolds is dead. I kinda had a sneaking suspicion she’d want to go after her daughter as soon as possible.


In other news, Katie has had to bail on going to the con in February because her house tried to kill her, all the pets got sick, and there went all of her money. Joy. I think I’m going to go get a refund myself at this point since paying for my brakes being entirely redone* is going to be a joy and now I’m going to be paying a ridiculous amount of money for a vocal coach in January so I don’t get fired from jobs. (I wish I could get my work to pay for it or get a tax deduction or something, but hahahahahah yeah right on that.) But I was waiting around until the end of the deadline to pay for registration and the day after I do that...

* and conversations about how I should have gotten a Toyota or Honda because they’re so cheap? Not helping. Cheap Toyotas or Hondas aren’t just sitting around easily gotten unless you do thievery, hence why I went with the bird in hand.

2016, you are evil incarnate in so many ways. I wish I could believe 2017 wasn’t going to be even worse, but...

As for the rest of the day, it’s mostly been shopping, as was yesterday. I am kind of sick of shopping at this point, especially giving the impending bill thing. I think I just finished paying off the dental bills and...there you go. But Angelica wanted to get together with us and she and Mom wanted to go shopping at the Vacaville outlets, so there you go and that is what we did. I bought next to nothing (like, a few 1/2 off sale products at Bath and Body Works and that was it) and everyone thought that was weird that I didn’t go buy a bunch of stuff. I can’t even say I was totally into buying all of that except it was actively disturbing to others that I wasn’t shopping, apparently. But I wasn’t interested in Michael Kors or Coach merchandise or whatever so But the hanging out was fun, so there’s that.

Jackie is reasonably annoyed that I am not prepared to get together with her this week. However, I have been thrown off all week by being sick/not getting shit done/Mom moving/being unable to get the car done on Monday and everything has been thrown off since.

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