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Fleeing to Monterey

2005-12-30, 9:54 a.m.

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Today, we went out to Carmel and Monterey (mostly the latter). This turned out to be a great idea, as the Rainstorm From HELL! has apparently invaded northern California. Oh fraptious joy. But as it turned out, it was mostly dry in Monterey! Hoorah!

Course, I spent most of the day zonked and tired because we didn't even get home and fed till midnight last night, and Mom insisted we get up at the crack of dawn. Then she wondered all day long why I was passing out every time I sat down. I slept through most of the hospital visit, in the car, in the car again...etc.

The hospital visit didn't go well. Somehow the hospital has managed to break the top of one of Dad's femurs, they can't find veins, infections galore, he "might have" had a heart attack, they were putting in a central line, etc., etc., etc... Mom actually got pulled into conferences with the doctors today. During which they apparently gave her A Talking To about how she'd uh, better start learning to let go and figuring out what measures she wants taken.

I don't know how soon THAT is, of course, but... at least someone else gave her that talk. She finally gets that he can't come home again, anyway.

To his credit, when Mauricio heard this news, he said to her pretty much what I've said- it's time to learn to let him go and not make him suffer any more. Don't know what she'll do about that.

But off of that topic... we went off to drier pastures and drove around, specifically on the 17 Mile Drive. We got out at one point and Mauricio started feeding the birds. This was hilarious because the birds would swoop in and catch the food in midair. And after awhile, a few seagulls would literally HOVER in midair waiting for food to be thrown. It totally looked like he had a bird as a kite! I took a few shots of it, but I don't know how they'll come out.

After the driving around, we went back to Monterey and the requisite thing you visit in Monterey, the aquarium. Which was fun. I got a few little stuffed animals (baby seal and baby penguin) and hung around my favorite exhibits, the otters and the penguins. So cute.

After that we went out to a restaurant called Rosine's, which was EXTREMELY good Italian food and I highly recommend it if you're in the area. They also serve massive desserts.

So, all in all, a good day, even if the driving back home in the rain was downright frightening.

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