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2009-12-30, 11:27 p.m.

There comes a time every December where I do the following:
(a) hit my LIMIT on how much 24-hour togetherness time I can do with Mom for days on end in a row
(b) as per usual, had some freakout over scheduling when I am going to go see Jackie. Adding to the fun (see below), my phone doesn't get reception in the house.
This year, I added (c) um, oops, shrink thought we had an appointment today OH CRAP, to that list, and did it all in one day. Um, booyah?

So I was pretty screaming cranky for like half the day. Lovely.

Anyway, we did end up going back to SF on foot/BART today, surprise surprise. It was fun, we got a lot of nice photographs at Union Square that I, alas, cannot post here until January. I didn't intend on shopping, but I did manage to find myself a pair of nice replacement boots (I live in black leather boots, and one of the two pairs I live out of, the informal/easily removable pair, got a hole in the sole and are generally beat to crap and the heels are peeling off, leather is turning gray..). Short, have a nice chunky heel, and I got them for 55% off of the crazy regular price. So that's good. We also managed to miss any rainstorms going on that day, and the Crazy Creepy People msut have taken the day off in SF because nobody freaked me out! Awesome!

We also saw a flash mob! A bunch of people wearing all black (except for the chick dressed as a red version of Vampire Hunter D, I think, NICE OUTFIT, and one punk girl and one priest that I think were just wearing their LARPwear) were standing around under the dome in Westfield putting in vampire teeth. I assumed it was going to be Yet Another Stupid Twilight Thing, of course. Mom asked someone there and they said it was a flash mob. Then some woman came along and started out handing Daybreakers posters, so that clarified that. We got a group photo of the bunch, and I took some shots of the cops watching the whole thing too. They just walked off with posters, though.

I was going to try to get together with Jackie for Wednesday because Mom is going off to lunch with the girls and then go to Sac with one of them, but of course that's the ONE day she's busy. So I plan on VEGGING AT HOME HUZZAH! Alone time! Yes!

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