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2012-12-30, 6:16 p.m.

I didn't know what I was going to do with myself today now that I'm home, during a time of the year that I'm normally not home. Friday and Saturday were novelty fun, today I was all...."yeah, I don't know what to do with myself today." I feel guilty for not being home with Mom.

However, I got up, checked the e-mail (though really, I need to wade through like 2 weeks of it) and saw that Joann's was having a whopping sale. 25% off yarn. I bought a knitting pattern that requires a metric asston of yarn, so I figured hey, if there's a sale, that's the best time to actually go out and buy yarn for it.

I started doing the math on what yarns on the website were of the right weight and how much each skein had in yards and how much they cost, and figured out that I should go for the "Rainbow Classic" that has 615 yards for $10...well, $7 on sale. However, they only had that brand at the Sacramento store. So I booked a car to go out there today. Happily, that's doable to book spontaneously on a day like this here. Cars were free!

So I went to the gym, and after that drove out and got the yarn. Yay sale. I then had more time to kill, so I hit the Crossroads Trading store across the street and found two unique shirts. I even made it back into town in time. It was a lovely nice drive and I was actually enjoying driving on the freeway. Go figure, eh?

It's a gorgeous sunny day out, and I wish I could enjoy walking around in it. I pondered doing geocaching today since it wasn't raining...but man, even at 3:30 p.m. the air is still icy cold. Never mind. Maybe in a few months.

So I went home, and have pretty much been on the phone with Mom ever since since well, she feels weird too. (This is written during uh, dinner break.) I sort of feel like I should go home (er, her home) because I feel like a shit for abandoning her when I haven't even come up with NYE plans yet, but....I dunno, whatever. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

I do, however, need to do the annual NYE entry sometime. I'm only partway through it, hence why you get this one instead.

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