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Short Week Update

2017-12-30, 9:14 a.m.

Things I did this week that did not merit one long entry:

* Tuesday: Went with Jackie to SF, tooled around at the Fairmont to check out the giant gingerbread house, saw the Macy's window, mostly went to the mall.

* Wednesday: Mom and I got together with Angelica and we went shopping in Vacaville. Not much to say there either really, other than comparing details about jobs and difficult people.

* Thursday. Since Jackie does not like socializing beyond having 1 person around, this time Mom and I went to SF and did the same things but in more detail and throughout the night as well. I did talk her into buying a book on getting rid of clutter that she actually likes.

* Friday: I left to go visit Meg. Since the weather is not awful this year and Mom had a modicum of sanity kick in and she said she was fine with my driving, I drove. We did a little shopping during the day (yay bookstore) and then hung out at night discussing crafts, shitty dude behavior, and what else to get up to in the last week.

And now you know why I just posted other stuff for the last week.

In other news, Mom wanted me gone so she could see her boyfriend? Well, that didn't pan out at all because his son went home for a few days and then came back for the long weekend, so boyfriend bailed on the date once he heard the son was coming back. Mom actually asked him, "Does he know we're dating? I mean, we've met at that dinner...." Yes, he knows, but.... Who knows what is going on there, but that is weird. At any rate, who knows if she'll see him, but she was already sounding lonely. Meg invited her to stay here but Mom is still waiting around on the boyfriend's plans, or not, or whatever. Right now she's claiming she's inspired to clean, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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