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2021-12-30, 10:10 a.m.

Wednesday update:

Ugh, why did I schedule covid testing for 10:15 a.m.? It's 39 degrees and wet and sucks out there and I didn't want to leave my bed (where I was having dreams about being in a room with multiple people with my mask off and then freaking out). I had to fill out the symptom survey and it said I was NOT APPROVED to go to GiantOrg without a negative test--new policy, whee. I went over there and pointed this out to the people checking you at the door and she was all "Oh, you should still show us the email anyway," and then sat there waiting for me to do so. Meanwhile I was all "not even going to bother taking several minutes to load my work webmail on the phone for that, especially since you're going to have to give me the oral exam of the survey anyway," which she did.

Then after saying the usual "nope, no anything" answers, as I headed off to do the testing, I thought "wait, they just asked if I was exposed to someone with covid within the last 10 days." Which, um, have I?! The last time I saw Jean (costumes) and Evan was last Tuesday, so...a week ago. But I don't know when Evan got sick (presumably not during rehearsal or else I think that would have been mentioned, could have been any time from Wednesday through Sunday) and Jean's exposure date was last Thursday. Either way I wasn't officially around someone, I don't think....? But by the time I realized that, it was too late, and I headed off to get judged for not spitting well enough again, as usual.

Still upset and sad over the Lindsay Ellis thing. I swear I'm raging like it's a work day.

Other than that, I've just been crocheting and writing book reviews and watching television. Not seeing any Hallmarks I haven't already seen or want to see (though I note I've caught all but two of the new ones this year!), so I watched some Disney+ and then old Hallmarks I've talked about before. I'm in less bad of a mood than I was yesterday, but when someone called wanting someone to talk to, I said I had to leave soon because I do not feel up to processing someone else's feelings while still feeling broody myself.

Watching The Book of Boba Fett:
"What? I'm the crime lord. He's supposed to pay ME." "Should I kill him?"
"I didn't use a litter. I walked on my own two feet."
"Jabba ruled with fear. I intend to rule with respect."
Those were the only interesting bits, otherwise I didn't know what the fuck was going on. It appeared to be a flashback episode about being rescued/captured by Jawas or whatever? Bored now. I wanted to see him cleaning up the one-horse town more, or whatever.

Then I watched Encanto again. I still cried over "Waiting On A Miracle" and "Surface Pressure" is fucking amazing. I also concur with this thing from the other day that Mirabel DOES have a power and it's the house. Literally, she understands the house speaking like her cousin understands animals and it obeys her where it can--same with Abuela.

Because I have nothing else to talk about, how's about I talk about my new "The Child" (Baby Yoda) Chia Pet that I got for Christmas? My whole life I think those things look silly AF (also, what is a chia?!), but if it's got Baby Yoda, I wants it, apparently.
* A Chia Pet is a lot smaller than I thought. Most of the box is packaging, the thing is about as big as my two hands. Adorable as heck, though.
* Instructions: soak the planter for 30 minutes, then mix a small amount of seeds with water, let it sit for 10 minutes, then spread them on and leave them in a drip tray for a few days.
* Now it's covered in gray-ish seedy...whatever.

Mom called today. That was exhausting.

Rehearsal: first run through of the entire show, came out 2 hours, 20 minutes, which is darned good. Though we'll see how long that gets with set moving, since we're not doing much of that yet. Things are going pretty well, if we can just remember everything. I really wish we drilled dance numbers more than we do here, though.

I do NOT look forward to the several quick changes I'm going to end up doing One from the first dance number to the second (if Jean costumes thinks I have time to put on a hat and gloves, hahahah I don't think so and the hat will fall off when we fall down onstage), another from being a Bavarian to a Nazi, and a third from little old lady to prison guard, those of us in that situation said we'd have to have the prison outfits under the dresses and we're not wearing the "old lady shoes" in the jury box and then have to do a shoe change.. Jean (actress) in particular does not look forward to giant costume change and having to wear a "nude" leotard. Could be worse, I guess. The men were jettisoned from the jury scene because they immediately have to be in prisoner outfits, so we're down to seven ladies in that now.

Jean (actress) and Alexis have been tapped to be bird puppeteers and make cooing noises. Scott volunteered but wasn't a lady, so wasn't chosen. What a waste there :P Though on a related note, Steve did an amazing amount of crazy-ass mouth side effects to dramatize Franz breaking his other leg.

Scott talked to me a little more tonight, we did discuss whether or not I'm going to do fake knitting of scarves for the show. Mostly I was trying to figure out how to deal with having knitting and rocking chairs. Theoretically we may be fake knitting on stage for like 30 seconds or something like that before we get up and leave the rocking chairs. Scott has the giant one with a pillow and arm rests, so theoretically you could just leave the knitting on the arm of the chair, but my chair is tiny and has no arm rests and nowhere to stick anything. I debated trying to rig something up on the chairs and finally came to the conclusion that maybe Jean (costumes) could provide each of us a purse to keep the knitting in. I left her a message online, so we'll see.

It was Eddie (Max)'s birthday, so we sang, signed a card and had cake and cupcakes afterwards and a mini-party. I got to hear about the Spatula Store from UHF, and the various places and shenanigans that Dannette and Arthur's cute cats (named Yin and Yang) get up to.

Covid watch: no news on Evan. Jean (costumes) "won't be back until Sunday." Meanwhile, Michael (Carmen) started vomiting earlier today. Steve started the announcement with "it's not Covid" (how do we know these days though? Could be covid later for all we know) and "it's not strep," which, whew, but the way things are going these days, I dunno... just because you're in the clear with a symptom one day probably means you have it a few days later. I think I'm gonna keep my mask on around all people as much as possible. During the birthday party (below) we opened a door and I briefly ate my cupcake outside.

We don't have understudies for this show, so I seriously wonder how it's gonna go here. I assume we can make Steve step in with his photographic memory if we have to, har har, but

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