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The Traditional NYE Wrapup

2003-12-31, 1:42 p.m.

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Okay, fine. New Year's Resolutions, or more like, Next Few Months' Resolutions. Actually, I think I'll quote Kythryne and leave it at "Things I'd Really Kind Of Like To Accomplish Over The Next Twelve Months, While Remembering That I'm Only Human And Thus Shouldn't Beat Myself Up If I Fail To Accomplish Them In That Period Of Time:"

1. Start keeping track of money again, since I pretty much stopped using Quicken after the old computer died. See if I can beat previous record of around six months. Hah.

2. Start saving more money. Try to put away at least $100 a month. If there's leftover money at the end of the month, try putting some of that away.

3. Pay off parents for computer, again, at least $100 a month.

4. Finish first draft of novel, for the love of God. Perhaps do NaNoEdMo, though I'm not sure at all about that one. Finding 50 hours a month to do it is less of a motivator for me than something I can just get done by writing fast. I highly doubt I'd ever get as far as trying to publish it, but hey, at least finishing a long plot would be good for me. (Besides, every time I think of going back and trying to add description makes me want to cry. I loathe descriptions so very much in other books, you know?)

5. Keep trying out this jewelry-selling thing, see where that goes.

And just for fun, I bought myself This Book Will Change Your Life, and am thinking of doing at least some of the activities in the book for odd entertainment.

(Incidentally, I seem to be part of a trend. Hah.)

My year in review can pretty much be summarized as, I spent a fuckload of time worrying and then things finally got better in several areas. Fortunately it eased up around the fall or so, but I fully expect to spend 2004 worrying constantly yet again. (The joys of living in California and working for the state, you know.) I am going to attempt to get my shit together a little more, since I should be putting away more money in the event of getting fucked over, plus working on making money in other areas if I can.

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