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Big Scary NYR Year

2010-12-31, 12:40 a.m.

Yesterday we went to SF for the day. As usual, Union Square is generally pretty. Tiffany had the best windows, which I wish I could upload pics of, but oh well. We got stuff. Homeless people harassed us or were just crazy, which was NOT fun. Man, I hate cities.

Anyway, now that that's done, let's move on to the dreaded NYR post...

So this year is going to be a big, scary NYR year...eeek.

1. GET A DAMN CREDIT CARD. Now, I hate credit, it scares the shit out of me. I did not get one in college when you were "supposed" to, I have freaked out at the idea of getting one for real later on. I am a shopaholic and the only thing that stops me is knowing that I will run out of money, and I don't want access to credit. I'm pretty damn sure I'd memorize the number if I stuck the card in the fridge.

But... you have to have actual damn credit if you want a car at any point in time. Which I don't need now, but if I ever want to move away I'll have to.

Of course, since I was an idiot and did not get one when you were "supposed" to, I'll have to do the secured card thing at a credit union (my bank does not deal in that sort of thing). Whee. But I guess after a year of not screwing that up, I'll have actual credit, and be able to revisit the car issue thing in 2012. I may be getting this done today at my mom's credit union, since we started that process there years ago and then I freaked and left. Hey, if the money's already stashed and they let me, why not, right?

2. Suck it up and get a new smartphone with GPS, even though I really really super dread dealing with the damn salespeople and doubling my bill. Not to mention making that kind of financial commitment in this day and age when you always have to wonder if you're going to get laid off.

(Okay, uh... I actually did this on Wednesday, or at least put in an order for one. An Android, which appears to operate about like the iWhatevers, so I think I can operate it without going insane the way I do whenever my mom makes me use her POS. Huzzah. So technically I've kind of done this, but I won't get the phone until next weekend or so, so...where does this count? I dunno :) )

3. Learn to navigate in a car. I really have no idea how to navigate out of my eyeline, other than "uh... I think it's over there...."

4. Stay employed. Yeah, that is something that is not under my control, but it is something I always have to be scared about. Even though logically things are a lot less nutty at work than they were a couple of summers ago, and I probably will not get canned unless things go really badly, uh...

(Sorry, this is the point where I'm going to talk about astrology. Feel free to stop reading. I know I'm crazy. But I'm the sort of weirdo who tries to understand how the world works, and looking at it, well... eeek.)

Let's just say that astrologically if I am ever likely to get canned, NOW IS THE YEAR. Spring is supposed to be absolutely insane, which makes me sad since that's my birthday and one of the best times of the year. Even if I don't get canned, things will probably go insane and I am terrified. I'm not looking forward to most planets showing up in my sixth house of work and health and having something happen like getting canned or coming down with a disease (the two most likely things to happen when you get a pileup like that).

I have had years to think of an alternate career, and I can't come up with one, and my career counselor is all, "writing, that's all you have." And that is pretty much useless now. So if I get the boot, I feel like I might as well shoot myself 'cause I will be moving in with mom and done. So, yeah. Please, dear god, don't let me get to that point before I'm able to 100% take care of myself, or find something else to do, or SOMETHING. I know my job isn't the one that feeds my soul or is What I'm Supposed To Do or crap like that, but I like eating and living elsewhere and I'd like to keep that up, please? If the powers that be want me to do something else, they'd better be more specific as to what first, and preferably have a way to keep being insured while I do it, thanks.

Anyway, the astro-insanity around my birthday is likely to be so nuts that I'm re-instituting the sidebar of chronicling my life going nuts for the next year. I had one of these up starting in 2005, which you may or may not recall as the year my dad went into the hospital permanently. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to look over and have proof, you know?

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