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Tony n' Tina References

May 2019, 10:43 p.m.

(current cast list as of 5/12/19)

Okay, so writing these journal entries, I keep referring to people by their given names AND their character names. Since it's an immersive improv show, these things happen. Seriously, when I'm at rehearsal I don't even know if my voice or Loretta's* is going to come out any more.

*note: character, not friend Loretta.

Anyway, since I am apparently just jumping back and forth and back and forth between referring to people with their given names and their characters and what they say in character... I'm going to do a list of who's who. Note: we have multiple people with duplicate names, so those people have nicknames distinguishing which is which. Some folks have quit and have been replaced during the run of the show.

A Cast List for Tony n' Tina:

Director: Linda
Costume Mistress: Germaine
Music: Steve (Nancy's husband)
Pianist: Robbin

Real Life Name / Character Name:

Me / Loretta the caterer
That 70's Scott / Vinnie the emcee
(he talks about the 70's a lot)

Yarn Empire Scott / Dominic the groomsman
(his family runs craft businesses)

Jean / Josie Vitale, a.k.a. Mrs. V, the bride's mom
(lives nearby to me/my work, mom of Bridesmaid Sarah IRL)

Ana / Maddy, Nunzio's girlfriend
(coupled with Greg IRL)

Pam / Sal the photographer

Robert / Michael, Tina's ex-boyfriend
(karaoke ringleader)

Manny / Barry the best man
(dates Heidi IRL)

Heidi / Tina the bride
(dates Manny IRL)

Nancy / Grandma Nunzio
(party hostess)

Greg / Nunzio Sr, groom's father
(coupled with Ana IRL)

Laurel / Connie the pregnant maid of honor

Cameron / Donna the "star" bridesmaid

Valentin / Johnny the groom's brother/groomsman

Sierra / Sister Albert Maria, a.k.a. Terry Vitale

Jesse / Father Mark


Michelle / Marina the bridesmaid version 1
Bridesmaid Sarah / Marina the bridesmaid version 2
(Jean's daughter IRL)
Kaden / Joey the bride's brother version 2
Brian / Joey the bride's brother version 2.
Wedding Singer Sarah / Celeste the wedding singer
(wasn't at rehearsal much, we briefly hit it off at karaoke)

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