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2023-12-03, 10:52 p.m.

Updated for December 2, posting it early since I'm at Dickens Fair tomorrow and god only knows when I get home from that..)

This morning: woke up at 3:15 a.m., managed to go back to sleep circa 3:45 a.m., managed to do 8 hours. Huzzah, me.

Went to the Woodland craft fair with Dawn, she got a lot of gifts for people, so she's happy with that. Then we went to the Goodwill in Woodland because Arthur told me the other week they had a lot of yarn. They were mostly out of it by that point, but I got some. Did I need it? No, did I get it anyway, yes. It was lovely colors and not a lot of money. Oh well, thrift store shopping is much less bad than the usual stuff. I also got my office gift (Baby Yoda cups) while there, so that was done. Not putting any work into finding the perfect gift for that experience one last time.

I will note that Dawn said that when she and Loretta went to Oklahoma, Steve told her and Loretta that they love me there, which is super sweet.

After that I went home, had lunch, then went to go see High School Musical II with Isabel, Magnolia (in elf ears), Rachele, Natalie, and Jennifer G. It was...fairly cheesy, mildly entertaining, I'd say? You can definitely tell which of the child actors can actually act vs. which ones are like age 12 or whatever. (Lots of fairly small children in high school...) Django did well as Troy and Chloe did well as Sharpay, Alex certainly fits as Ryan. I will note that the funniest part of the show was staged so that various kids are doing the talent show by themselves on the left hand stage while the people with lines are doing them on the other side of the stage. I about died when there was a kid who was "plate spinning" (the plates are glued on, then one of his plates fell off when he left the stage), there was a kid who was "tap dancing" in jazz shoes, and finally there was a kid who was attacking her face with a sock puppet. (Apparently that was Mike from Something Rotten's kid. I did see/say hi to him today.) I do not recall this in High School Musical 2, The Movie, but man, it was the best part today.

After that I did more thrift store shopping for a boring blazer and boring slacks for future job interviews, then went grocery shopping. Super exciting there. I had a list of stuff to get and I only found so many things, sigh.

I did get my journal updated through the end of May 2023, so there's that done, at least. It's when Much Ado started. Journal will be annoyingly out of order here, but...frankly, I did not have the energy to fix this shit at the end of November, and when those entries are up, it will make sense as to why.

Tonight there was a double birthday party at DMTC for Hugo (turning 30) and Mary Young (turning 80). They have the same birthday, but at the end of December when it's not a great time to rhrow a party, so one was thrown now. Very cute. Lots of people came, tons of food, like a shit ton of pizza and fried chicken and various salads and Taco Bell and yumminess. I hung out with people and chatted, the usual.

Tribute videos were shown for the birthday folks: first the costume video for Jean, since that video wasn't ready for her 80th birthday party. (On an odd note: Mary gave Jean a card with "80" on it in huge letters. Jean...gave the same card back to her for hers. Interesting revenge, there?) I was in that one quite a lot since I'm in shows with good costumes, albeit I always look like I have a fat head. Though according to some of the party talk, that's useful. Hugo's ranged from when he started out as a teenager to today. I note he really looked like Django and vice versa while playing Charlie Brown. Mary...I had no idea how many big roles she's done. I've only known her since 2021 or so and we got to see her doing all kinds of parts, Aunt Eller, Frau Schmidt (ones I note she's auditioned for lately and not gotten...maybe she aged out, I dunno), all kinds of roles. I was amused that both her and Hugo's videos featured them doing The Pajama Game, same scene, just not in the same version of it. She was really powerful back in the day for a small lady. Impressive. Oh, and at one point she was shown crawling on a moving train in "In The 20th Century."

I did solve one mystery where I was there, though. Someone at DMTC has a custom license plate with "FWVFL" in it, along with a heart and a number, and I have been trying to figure out (a) what the heck it means and (b) whose car is it so I can ask. My guess is that since I've been seeing around since B&tB it was either Eve or Rachele, but occasionally of late I've seen the car when one or both of them wasn't there. Finally tonight it was parked in front and I just asked people whose car it was. Answer: it was Laurie the house manager's.

I asked her what it meant and she said, "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." Okay, I said. So it was an acronym her friend group came up with for custom plates after seeing The Vagina Monologues--Friends With Vaginas For Life. Except they told the DMV it stood for "five women very full of love." Mystery solved!

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