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Recurring Characters as of November 2019

2019-11-30, 11:25 p.m.

Reccuring Characters as of November 2019 in this blog:

Coworkers: Lioness, Hannah the temp (others get mentioned but I think those are the ones left so far that get mentioned the most by name). Hannah is also of a witchy bent. Now departed temps I also hung out with were GQ and Luis. I have a new interim boss who is lovely and 2nd in Command is above her and is also lovely. I need better names there.

Roger: Mom's boyfriend.
Evan: Mom's boyfriend's son. Also works at my giant org but in another section.
Stephanie: Evan's best friend (see Thanksgiving entry).

Aunt Susie, Uncle Brad: the nearest relatives I actually speak to, at least a few times a year.
Alicia, Kristen, Cassie: my cousins, ditto.
Travis: cousin in law, married to Alicia
Aidan and Dylan: Alicia and Travis's kids.
Randall: cousin of Uncle Brad's, therefore my cousin's cousin, more or less. We hang out with him more than the rest of them at theater shows.

Locals: Dawn (my closest local), Loretta, Becky, Jamie, Yemi

Out of town but seen/heard from frequently: Jackie

Moved away, may or may not be heard from on occasion: Jess, Lorien, Merry, Monica.

Tuesday Karaoke Crew:

Pyrate Matthew: The karaoke DJ.

Recurring Barflies: Walt the landlord, two Kathys (one dates Walt, the other is Matthew's mother), Frank (has a crush on me), Doris, Sue, Jim, his wife Susie and his daughter Ashley, and Badger, who has been known to get into trouble.

Barflies that haven't been around much of late but I hope return are Shirley, Nelly, Stephanie (she's seen occasionally).

Regular Theater Friends That Go Most Tuesdays:
Robert, Janene, (Redhead) Sarah, (Yarn Empire) Scott. Robert and Janene are together romantically.

Other Theater Friends That Sometimes Go Or Have Gone:
Brian, Laurel, Valentin, Manny, Heidi, Sarajean, Erica

(note: Sarajean and Erica are friends of Redhead Sarah, not involved in theater but hang with us)

Theater Friends:

Tony n' Tina's Wedding castmates only:
Manny, Heidi (they're together), Jean, Ana and Greg (also together), That70'sScott, Pam, Mark, Jesse, Linda (director)

TnT + As You Like It:
Laurel, Brian, Valentin, (Blonde)Sarah

As You Like It only: Cody, Shelly, Chris, Liz, Jim (not the same as Karaoke Jim), Laure (director)

TnT + As You Like It + Coney Island Christmas: (Yarn Empire) Scott and Cameron, who are in everything/together by default because they are the best.

TnT + Coney Ialand Christmas = Robert

Folks who were in The Viewing Room (not me): (Yarn Empire) Scott, Cameron, Cody, Robert, Janene, Chris, Dona.

Coney Island Christmas (only) Castmates:
Trent, Alexis, Gail, Bridget, William, Anita (director), and a ton of kids, I do not have the names straight of all of them still (there's 14 and some are chattier than others). Dona and Germaine are doing costumes. Recurring kids: Izzy (also in As You Like It) as the lead, Abner as her 5 year old little brother and Arlo is middle brother (Eliza is their mom), Rachel, Jackelyn, Bianca, Vanessa, Ava, Jayden, Kenneth, Amelia, Mark (Alexis's brother), Josie and Frances (sisters, also have a baby sister Lena who ends up in the show).

(note: there are two Shirley characters in the show, one kid and one adult)

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