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Best Day of January

2020-01-18, 9:40 p.m.

Well, that was THE best day of January ever. An actual good day in this month? Miraculous.

We decided to dress up for the escape room (which has a vampire/sorcerer theme), and Ashley wanted me to come by her work again, so I ended up going by there in my outfit--basically a fancy long velvet top I usually can’t wear anywhere outside of some kind of Hekate ritual or whatever, red velvet dress, velvet boots and well, my pink hair. I also had on what I am calling the Lipstick of Death (seen in the link). I don’t think Ashley was too impressed by the outfit, but she liked my hair in daylight. She also said that Jim will be doing karaoke on Tuesdays “for a while,” so ah...that’s all to the good. I also ran into Ashley and Jim a bit later on after I was walking to the library to swap out books, so that was fun.

So yes, I did literally wander around downtown all day today in vampire wear. That is a thing that happens with me.

This room’s team got a full 8 people today: Robert, Janene, Scott, Cameron, me, Redhead Sarah, Laurel, and Brian all made it. Score for everyone making it this time! (Though Redhead Sarah did have to leave to “deal with poop again” afterwards, I shall not elaborate on the details of having toddlers.)

We met up at the escape room around 1ish. This is a cool setup--this guy Alex runs a one scenario setup, but it’s technically three rooms in there, two of which have puzzles and the third of which is ah, where you finish the game, I’ll put it that way. (Here’s an article on the place, but it limits clicks. I’m amused that my dentist was involved in this.) You get 90 minutes to stop a sorcerer/vampire(?) from resurrecting ... well, something like that. You really do need a lot of folks in a room, I think, as “divide and conquer” really does work on solving the puzzles when you have 2 to 4 folks doing each one. Brian and I did one together and solved it, score for us. Most of us at another point worked on another set of them and figuring out what was what, so those were what I was primarily doing. Cameron was all, “I never solved any puzzles, I just handed people things.” Robert finished off the game by doing something that was giving him some trouble, we were comparing it to a Rubik’s Cube, and we did end up finishing the game with 19 minutes to spare, though that’s not enough to hit a leaderboard here. But still, hey, we won! Everyone was happy.

After that, everyone (minus Redhead Sarah, off to child wrangle) went out for Chinese food, and gifts were given out. Both Robert and Cameron were delighted with their gifts. Cameron was all, “You get me” about the yarn and Scott approved of the brand of it (I thought, “Hm, I checked on the website and while they carry that brand in general, that particular yarn line isn’t one y’all carry...ah well, l guess he knows anyway?” I figured if I was shopping out of town I’d get something she normally would not encounter) and she was delighted about it the rest of the day. Robert seemed impressed/amused by the warm gun, so yay there. Scott continues to be happy about his Freddie. Yay.

We found out that Cameron has a different car, as her old one I guess died and she had to get another one. “It’s from 1995 and smells like the Russian mob,” she said. Which is to say, smoky. I wish I’d written down all of Cameron’s snark today, she had some excellent lines. Such as what will be on her tombstone: “Here lies Cameron. She was classy AF.”

Regarding “The Miracle Worker” auditions, Cameron was the only one that went (Scott said there were no parts for him, which is true) and indicated it was pretty difficult because all the little girls auditioning for Helen had no lines and had to basically get into fights with her (as Annie). We all assume she will get the part of Annie, of course. Bridget auditioned, I forget the other one I knew who did, and the rest of us agreed that we’d just go watch it later, along with those of us going to the play festival next weekend who aren’t in it.

As for the 10 minute play festival, I found out the following:

* Janene and I are the only ones who did not get in of this bunch. It kind of ruined her Christmas, she said, I hear ya, girl. She assumed she would get in, I did not.
* Robert and Cameron got the train one, Manny was supposed to be the third part in that and flaked out* so someone else is doing it.
* Cameron is also in the cat and dog one, along with Scott as the dog. Janene was disappointed that she couldn’t be the waiter and Brian is disappointed that he can’t be the dog.
* Scott is doing the astronaut one with Ana.
* Trent and Brian are in Mark Smith’s one and I guess it goes....very slowly and they’ve had one rehearsal and tech week starts this week? It sounds like all the rehearsal stuff has gone oddly for people.
* Laurel is in Rodney’s plays, she got the devil woman part that was already prepicked AND she is playing the 7-year-old. Linnea, i.e. “that blonde chick who said she wasn’t going to go to rehearsals and yet got into the show ANYWAY,” is playing the mom. Supposedly she said she was doing this to meet and hang out with more theater people, but Laurel said she has only shown up to 2 out of 6 rehearsals and called Laurel a bimbo to her face, saying that she (Linnea) could never get cast as a bimbo. To which I was all, wow. What is with this woman? It sounds like we should all be glad she lives far away and isn’t around much, I guess.

* We actually briefly walked by Manny’s work and waved at him today.

After lunch, Robert wanted to go to Mikuni and get some lychee drink with a button--don’t ask me to explain because hell if I know, and they turned out to be out of buttons so we ended up leaving! (The server was very understanding about this.) Laurel suggested going to some other beer place and she bought us all drinks. Blonde Sarah and Jean (who just broke her arm two days ago onstage and has now had to drop out of “The Drowsy Chaperone,” poor girl) came by and we played Cards Against Humanity. Laurel and Jean played as a team (since Jean didn’t know how this worked) and won the game overall.

I actually won a round three times, so huzzah for that since the last time I played I had shit cards and won nothing. I had some great pairings, or at least that’s what I won on (for example, the next superhero team was “grammar nazis who are also actual Nazis” and “the Jews,” I also paired some card about... I forget what, something like “now that I’ve practiced (blank) I can now (blank), and I submitted “Natalie Portman” and “deflowering the princess,” and some other terrible one I forget. Cameron kept making cracks about how she now knows we’re all terrible people, and Scott kept saying stuff like “I know I’m going to hell already, but I am so going to hell.” I cannot recount this, but Scott got the “I lost my virginity by doing (blank)” card and he read them altogether as one horrible story at once. Good job. I picked Scott’s to win twice on my turn, which I ah, can technically say was coincidence since you don’t know who submits what in this game unless you win. He had some delightfully terrible ones, that’s what I can say.

After that, Scott had to go to rehearsal and most people dispersed, but I did follow Brian, Jean and Blonde Sarah to go to Ike’s for dinner before they all left. I was going to hit the bookstore and then I spotted someone I know who goes all “crazy magnet” on me when he sees me, and hightailed out of there!

Anyway: that was a delight, we want to do another escape room sometime, ones in Sacramento and other ones in Vacaville were suggested. Maybe the next birthday? I don’t think anyone has one in February and we’ll see on others’ rehearsal schedules. Sounds like Scott and Laurel have March birthdays, so maybe then.

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