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2020-01-20, 7:45 p.m.

Much to my sadness, the car needed its first oil change and thus I had to wake up early on a day off ANYWAY. Though since the garbage people came VERY NOISILY at seven a.m. I guess that doesn’t matter. Chevy said that a dealer would give me one free oil change (to their credit, they actually did do this and did not make me pay for this or getting the tires checked or add anything else on), so I actually went to the dealer, and the guy was very cranky that SEVEN cars had been booked at 8 a.m....for a two window period of time. Whaaaaat? I offered to cancel my appointment, but since it was just an oil change they did it for me anyway. So that was fine.

After that I went to Sacramento and made a brief run to Target and then to Barnes and Noble to use a coupon. I went to go buy one book and then decided to get two others instead because one was hugely on sale (the Come From Away show book) and the other seemed relevant to my problems. Once again, I look for Capri in books. And never find it.

I got more gas, went to the grocery store, and packed out seven boxes of crap--six of them books from my tsundoku pile that I don’t think I’ll ever read and one box of misc. crap. I’m not totally done with going through the book pile, but it turns out the SPCA closes early on Mondays as well so I had to get on getting them out of my house sooner than expected.

Then I went to the yarn store and used my gift certificate on three balls of expensive fancy fingering yarn literally branded as “crazy” (hah) I would never have bought on my own otherwise, and they also had more safety eyes! Go figure there. I got some girl there I don’t know, and she made no comment on the gift certificate where she probably recognized the name, but was distressed at the online one until someone in the back told her how to deal with it.

Afterward I went around hiking the area by the river, which is something I wanted to do when we had the Shakespeare play in the summer. It’s not as pretty in dead season and was still fairly cold, but it was doable and it satisfied my curiosity, got 10k steps in, etc. It’s very like the arboretum over there.

Oh, and uh...I did a little yarn bombing around the theater area for my own amusement. I found some potential yarn bombs I’d done in the past while cleaning out my yarn and usually I use days like this, i.e. dead time days off, to actually do an installation when few are around to see me doing it. Usually I do them in my own town, but for the heck of it I did it over there and it amused me no end that there were very few people around and those that were there absolutely gave no fucks about what I was doing in broad daylight. I should really yarn bomb over there more often. I doubt anyone who knows me will notice what I did when they’re all over there in the dark, but I will be amused if anyone does. Though when I got back to my car around 4:30 I saw Robert’s car parked near mine (I don’t know why he was there so early: from what he said, tech week doesn’t start until 7) and was all “fuck, I’m busted!” But I'm guessing from a lack of texts that I am not busted.

Even after yesterday’s shit news, I am still getting synchronicities, 1111 and other repeating number sightings (which I continue to think are stupid, and yet there they keep on going, I can't even keep track of the numbers of times that goes on in a day) apparently. Including spotting a license plate saying “STYXLVR” (guess who likes that band). I texted Melinda saying that if I’m not supposed to end up with the guy, why am I still getting stuff like this? She said, “I said it could be him but not now,” and “I said if it is him, it is him in a better state of mind,” and “Give the whole situation time, if he doesn’t show up, someone else will.”

Today I am numb about the whole thing. I hope that continues.

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