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2024-01-06, 10:44 a.m.

Today's sleep: slept for 5 hours after taking three trazadone, woke up, took two clonidine, went back to sleep, got over 8 hours.

(Blond) Joshua texted me congratulations...I got all excited for a second, but no, I didn't get a part, but that's not surprising. A dude I don't know already (Sean) got Tevye, Chris Cay Stewart (who is always referred to by all three names for some reason) got Golde, the daughters are Tea, Felicia and Sierra, Danny got Motel, Lucas got Perchik (love it when you cast a married couple together), the one guy who wanted Fyedka got it (Ethan). Brian is Lazar Wolf as he wanted, Yente is Dannette, Isaiah is the innkeeper, Carter is the Russian commander, Athur is the rabbi, Ed is ...I think the rabbi's son?, Amy got Grandma, Laura from tap class (I think?!) got Fruma Sarah, the littler kids are Gabriella and Magnolia (!), Ben Bruening got Avram, no recollection of who that is. Isabel got Motel's mother. I am happily not bottle dancing, GOOD LUCK GUYS, just playing an old lady as ever.

I got mail today!

* My Gavle Goat sweater finally turned up after a month! Last time I got any notification--a few weeks ago--it was lost in China. It is a little dirtier in the white color than expected, but otherwise I like the goat and robots and the like. I am wearing it today even if it is January.

* Got a brief card from Cameron, which reminded me I need to write her.

* And I finally got the paperwork from Dr. A. (THANK YOU, ST. ANTHONY) This turns out to be good and bad news. Good because yes, I technically HAVE said paperwork to turn in. Bad because it is essentially a blank placeholder saying he can't answer anything on it because we're waiting on psychiatric disability diagnosis. (Which is now moot and not happening.) No "limitations" at all even though I am pretty sure I mentioned that. I'm pretty sure looking at it that it's going to be rejected. Fuuuuuuuuck.

I think God just wants me to be fired here, without further delay.

I decided to email the Department of Rehabilitation to ask what counts as a disability with them, since their website doesn't really spell that out. Hope that works since I hate calling people. I wrote Cameron a letter about the last week. I went to the library and returned some books and got the letter scanned and saved into my systems/emailed to Union Guy. That's about all I can do today. Hell, I'm impressed I got 20 minutes of walking in.

Otherwise, I am watching "The Brothers Sun," which is entertaining and distracting.

Oh, and I got invited into a DMTC new technical group on FB? To which I was all "I don't do construction, why am I on this?" but I guess it includes techies too.

Went to karaoke, had a good time. Ashley and I had some "green tea" giant shots and creamsicles, she vacillated about how she was feeling. I did some usual crowd-pleaser songs that did not get the usual reactions--less people in the bar, perhaps, but what can you do.

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