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TnT Reunion Party

2019-08-17, 10:15 p.m.

During the day, I went to the county fair, mostly because Dawn was volunteering there and I figured I’d hang with her during her shift. It was ... very meh. Thanks to the Gilroy shooting, they now increased security so now you can’t bring in any food or drink and I was not permitted to bring my kindergartener-sized scissors in (to go to the embroidery booth) because “scissors are a weapon” and “it’s for your own safety.” Bull fucking shit, I could literally try to stab myself with those scissors--actually, I have tried--and do no damage. Fucking pointless security theater. You can’t argue with it because you have no power. Dawn was also cheesed the hell off at this and wanted to complain to someone, but I was all “it’s the way things go these days, ain’t nobody gonna listen to us about it,” sigh.

I would also like to point out that it is bloody damn hot this weekend and somehow the fair buildings (despite being built for summer fairs, in summer, in a place where it can hit 105) have no air conditioning and no drinking fountains anywhere. It was a pretty miserable experience just being there, and I say this as someone with high heat tolerance. I enjoyed the crafts and I managed to find two unicorn headbands with light up horns to replace Sarah’s broken headband for $5 apiece, but that was about it. I wanted to stay until Dawn’s shift ended at 3, but I couldn’t take it past 2 p.m. Ah well.

After that, we all went to Mark’s house for the Tony n’ Tina reunion party! We probably got 2/3 of the cast to go, with some folks having moved or disappeared/otherwise didn’t say anything. It did kind of divide into the “adult table” (Nancy, Steve, Linda, Elliott, Jean...I guess) and “kids table” (Robert, Scott, Valentin, Laurel, me, Manny, Heidi, Brian, Blonde Sarah) literally after awhile, which seems exclusionary, but oh well, that did kinda happen.

The carpool was fun. While Scott and Robert sedately talked movies in the front, the rest of us (Valentin, me, Laurel) acted like giggling kids in the back. Robert said something or other that sounded like the word sex and Valentin and I heard it as such and LITERALLY became giggle twins about it. We also made a lot of jokes about how Valentin, even after TnT is over, STILL has enormous amounts of $1 bills on him. I counted at one point and it was $131, damn. Laurel proceeded to create a third boob with the pile and/or “make it rain” with the dollar bills throughout the evening.

Mark’s house is goddamned amazing. The shape of it reminds me of one of my cousin’s houses (I forget which one...the one she had in the middle with very little backyard?) and the inside is totally decorated in Disney.Let’s see how much of this I can remember from the pics:

There is a Star Wars themed guest bedroom and bathroom. His pug dog is named Boba and I was all “drink or Star Wars?” and then walked a few more steps and had my answer. One wall is painted a la R2D2. The “New Hope” screen crawl is on the next wall over. The lightsaber on the wall lights up. The bathroom has a Han-in-carbonite shower curtain and his and hers “I Love You/I Know” towels. I can’t even describe the bathroom sign... I think it’s got bunheads on it for Princess Leia/the ladies, Darth Vader with a lightsaber for the gents, an alien... but NO robots in the toilet, assuming some would ever want to go in?

The toilets have decals inside the lids saying “It’s A Crap” with Admiral Ackbar in the Star Wars bathroom and “Let It Go” with Olaf in the other. The upstairs bathroom also has artwork of various Disney characters in bathroom stalls.

There’s a large sign on the wall about all of the Disney things they do in the house.

The dining room is Haunted Mansion themed, with Disney characters as the elevator paintings on the wall, a doom buggy, giant wall art and knight, etc.

A closet door is decorated like Boo’s door in Monsters Inc. and has a setup that looks like the door machine in the top of the closet.

A tiny mouse hole is painted in one area with mice running in.

There is a sign saying that the house is run on love and shenanigans. Yup.

There’s a photo mosaic of them done out of Disney pictures, paintings from Inside Out and It’s A Small World, figurines, etc. around. They have wall hangings of all their Disney marathons with giant medals. There’s a flower wreath shaped like a mouse.

The game room is mostly geek/Batman-themed and has old school games, newer games, and a ah, singing machine that got briefly used by some.

The laundry room has a painting of Stitch with laundry and a “Free Dobby” sock section on the wall.

There’s a lot of art they did themselves, most memorably the home done stained glass window (looks like, anyway) of Beauty and the Beast. I forget all the details of the making (note: I decided to drink the awesome alcoholic punch they made instead of writing shit down), but puff paint was involved.

He has a photo of his family with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher (and yes, they met Gary the dog), and a shot of the dog dressed as Princess Leia.

The backyard is small but has this giant hill area with a stone path lined with dwarves. You have to go up a ladder to go into the area.

There was some gaming going on, mostly with Mark’s VR setup. I think the one that most impressed people was the ah, shark attack game? Because that was going on in one of them. I am not a gamer but did finally try it at the end of the night when he put a “Just Dance” game on. A bit of karaoke went on, but not too much, sigh. Those who tried it said they have been spoiled by Pyrate’s setup.

After dinner, the “kids table” played Cards Against Humanity. This was fun but man, I got the worst cards, y’all. Didn’t get picked once! They all stunk!

Jean came up to me and said that she was happy my “trademark laugh” made it into the show and I was all “wait, what, I was NOT laughing backstage, I swear to god” and then remembered that I did laugh when William steals Touchstone’s hat. Oh, okay.
(For those of you wondering how bad/er, “trademark” it is, it’s about like this. When we had to watch that movie in high school orchestra, the entire class turned around and GLARED AT ME.)

I got French kissed by Boba the dog. This year I have had a fake husband, a fake fiance, and now I’ve been frenched by a dog. This is officially more “action” than I have had in a horrifyingly long time, y’all.

We took a group shot on the staircase, which was preceded by Manny posing on the stairs with his legs wide open. Uh-HUH, advertising.

Valentin took a lot of “Polaroids” (what do we call these when they technically aren’t Polaroids now?) and at one point someone wanted to take a Serious Photo with Serious Expressions. So naturally Scott makes some joke about Catholic priests (which I sadly no longer recall), I bust up laughing and I’m the only one laughing in the shot. He laugh bombed me.

Anyway, a good time was had by all into late-ish into the night.

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