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2020-05-11, 10:11 p.m.

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I hallucinated a person today. For a few seconds, I thought my hanging chair turned into a person. Midday while sober. This is bad.

There was a fair amount of racket going on around here today. I guess something happened in one of the neighbor's apartments (upstairs?) because the irritating manager knocked on my door wanting to know if my sink was working. I checked, said it was and then when I tried to ask what was going on, she literally ran off. Seriously, that fucking girl. It bothers me greatly that she is probably going to be the last person I ever see alive. Ughhhhhh.

I didn't notice we had a Zoom meeting at 9 for like 15-20 minutes. Boss asked if something was wrong. I ignored it because well.... can't answer that. Tigress announced that she is taking Fridays off basically until she retires, which is nice for her but probably going to cause more problems for me. Sigh.

During training today, Tigress asked Coworker Sarah how the phones were doing--Tigress is going to have to get back on them---and the answer was, "They're terrible!" Still getting harassed and cussed out, though Coworker Sarah did say she got a call from some totally stoned guy who wanted to talk for 15 minutes about Bend, Oregon because "I haven't talked to anyone in a long time" and wanted to chat about his pot farm. She said it made her day.

Coworker Sarah was wearing a shirt with "Love" on it today. Hmmmmmm. She also runs off to the nearest coffee joint during our break times, and she came back annoyed because she couldn't remember her drink order and whoever waited on her didn't know what it was. "This is my life now. I just created a life through the Dutch drive'through."

I went to online Zumba class again tonight and booked out before the goodbyes went on too much. I heard from Loretta (well, it's good to hear you're doing well other than the nervous breakdown....) and she said she's having to write stuff down on the calendar to keep track too.

I also finished making the hamster, toys, and "cage." I also designed one extra square for the knitalong, so I need to knit that and then I can get to sewing a vest out of all those patches.

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