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2020-06-18, 11:22 p.m.

Today's BigBoss meeting:
* BigBoss wants to offer Zoom meetings with our clientele in addition to emails and phone calls. WHEN THE FUCK DOES SHE THINK ANYONE HAS THE TIME FOR THAT??!?!?
* She seconded that anyone who wants to work from home can keep on doing that, no shame, thank god. "We're not going to force anyone to come back."
* "Even though you read things online," "we don't know anything yet." "We've done nothing and we don't have information."
* "According to the guidelines, which change all the time...." She then basically said that the suggestions aren't going to work for our office and we're not even close to that point yet. Also, the giant org isn't going to provide wipes or masks.

I have been getting stalked online for two weeks by a girl wanting an Important Document for a job (due by July 1), but The Powers That Be wouldn't approve her getting it until all of her ducks were in a row, and one high muckety-muck for whatever reason has had problems submitting her duck. This girl has rudely been harassing me and TPTB who decides on her document (I'm just the paper pusher), but TPTB has been holding firm waiting on that last duck. The high muckety-muck was supposed to submit her duck yesterday, somehow something hasn't happened, and now this girl was all, I WANT TO CALL A SUPERVISOR RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWWWWW. TPTB caved in and let her have it. She immediately emailed me wanting to know where it was and I was all, I AM LITERALLY SENDING IT TO YOUR BOSS RIGHT NOW. All I got was "okay, thanks." As Edie McClurg said so long ago and so accurately, "Mm mm mm, what a little asshole." I get the anxiety, but good lord, stop being so obnoxious about it.

According to Coworker Sarah:
* I guess as far as we know, the other temps have not applied for the job she wants. The one that told me she was going to told Sarah she should have the job. Sarah is nervous but cheerful. I asked what the odds were of HR yanking the job again and Sarah said that her sister (works for high muckety-mucks and is in the know on things) said that for all the work it took to get that job through, they should not be able to cock block hiring this time.
* She told me that her sister lost a tooth recently, so they pulled a prank on her kid (who I guess is in a pranking phase) by pretending that Sarah punched her sister and knocked out her tooth. I said it was very Hangover.
* Sarah kept waving unicorn and panda toys at me to amuse me. What a sweetie. I hope we keep her.

Other than that, I was in a fog for training all day and every word went in and out without lodging in my brain. The most use I was all day was teaching Tigress how to use the strikethrough option. God, Sarah better get that job because holy fuck, I can't do or especially learn Tigress's job, especially when most of it is about programs that were discontinued due to coronavirus and it's not like we can even practice this shit. She looked at the procedures for one thing and kept marveling that they were written badly, which is why I taught her the strikethrough option to get rid of stuff she didn't think should be there. I said, "Look, in two years when this program is back on and I'm having to look at the procedures to do this, what do I need to know?" So hopefully that works out.

In the news:
My county has officially gone OVER the limit of "allowed"* cases in a 2 week period, which is being chalked up to people throwing large family parties in Woodland and Winters and a few out-of-towners. (Though my city so far just had two, so there's that.) Will they do anything about it? The supervisor said on Facebook that "“if we exceed the threshold of 55 (cases in two weeks), we will need to reconsider the actions we took to reopen various activities," and that Wednesday "would be a key day" in figuring out whether to pause or reverse openings.

* Seriously?!? The concept of a number of acceptable illnesses is fucked up.

Do you think the county is opening too quickly or too slowly? TOO QUICKLY, SAY MOST PEOPLE!!!!

* I can't tell you yet how much this freaks me out.

Gavin Newsom tells everyone in Orange County to fuck off, mandates masks for literally everyone in the state most of the time. Again, we'll see if that actually happens.

From my emails:
EVERYONE'S REOPENING!!!! IT'S ALL SO VERY HAPPY!!!! Art galleries! The Delta King! (Mom sent me that one and I said "please don't go," and she said she wasn't, Roger is very careful). Comedy Spot appears to be the most cautious about it: this weekend they start having more than one performer in the building, while still doing online shows. Then they want to reopen the comedy show and have audiences, but no timelines on that.

I did get one REALLY good piece of news: Linda wants to do a Zoom performance of Robin Hood, The Musical, as her musical friend Sarah P (yes, there's sooooooooo many Sarahs) wants to adapt the music to solo singing and working with Zoom about it and maybe taking a class on how to do this (I sent her a link to such the other day). I was invited to be in! I wrote back HELL YEAH.... and so far I guess nobody has written back, or if they did, it was just privately to her? Yes, Scott was invited. God, I hope he does it. Please, please let him do it.

I feel like theater is a little bit sparse this week, as we only got about seven signups (need around fifteen-ish) for As You Like It so far this week. This is....unusual. I sent a nag email and I heard back from Garrett, saying he wasn't sure if he'd be back home by that time (he's in another state, good god), but did sign up as an understudy. So there's that, at least. I am concerned that Robert hasn't signed up, but I don't want to be a naggy bitch by asking if he's okay and god knows I can't talk to him or anyone about BLM right now. I'm in favor of it, if virus wasn't going on I would be protesting, but I can't add that to my plate of stressors now when I am a wreck for 70% of my week and virus runs rampant. Yes, I'm a privileged and spoiled white girl who can say that she can opt out of activism because she feels like shit (and can't problem solve how to do that now) when African-Americans can't and feel worse, and I should shut my dumb bitch trap on that. Anyway....yeah, not gonna try to have a conversation with anyone about it.

I was theoretically supposed to hang out with Shanna tonight, but she has some all night meeting going on that was supposed to end hours ago, so at this point I assume it's happening tomorrow. That's fine, I'm just watching more stuff online. Tonight: the "Sloth Storytelling Show" in Santa Cruz. "There's an orgy of sloth sex happening behind me right now," the guy says, but he lies, it's jut a cute sloth lying about.

Okay, now we're chatting. She tried talking to Robert again (I am concerned he hasn't signed up for any shows) and she said he's still in the black hole and only wants to do theater again "when something interests him," and he's "turned away" from Janene (BAD SIGN) and apparently all he wants to do is work on BLM "one on one" (whatever that means). Anyway, she still wasn't getting anywhere with him and gave up, and I was all, all of this is very concerning but under the circumstances I don't think I'm gonna try texting him right now, oy vey....

I ended up telling Shanna various Redhead Sarah stories since I'd sent the photo from her birthday party to her, so that's entertaining.

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