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2020-12-09, 7:46 p.m.

In the “bleah” news side of life:

(a) My new playwright friend Kelly entered the Winters 10 Minute Play festival (online this year) and did not get in. Waaaah, but there were 99 scripts, apparently, so. Darn it, I was sure she could get in and if she did, I was looking forward to performing it. I guess I can delete the app for it I got off my phone now.

(b) The next Winters play (which is to say, the one that got canceled last March, The Miracle Worker) has been rescheduled! For this March!.... I’m very sad I won’t be seeing it since god knows I am at the very back of the line for vaccination (like, not till end of the summer level of back of the line, according to the New York Times). Waaaaaaaah. Why did they insist on doing that? Because they are hell bent on doing it in March, I guess. Waaaaaaah.

(c) My therapist’s mom may have had a stroke and she had to cancel on Tuesday, and under current circumstances I doubt I’ll talk to her again the rest of the month. Well, it’s not like much is going on anyway. I hope they caught her stroke soon. My shrink still thinks she can go to California for the rest of the month, but....yeah right there, methinks.

(d) My boss admitted to me she’s burned out. I didn’t quite say same, but....uh-huh.

(e) This vaccine allergy news means that my food-allergic friends (Brian, Robert, Scott included) won’t be able to get the vaccine? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I hope this person is right.

(f) I love how I can literally follow the procedures for the special crap at work and STILL GET MYSELF INTO TROUBLE, because apparently everyone else but me knew that "oh, we changed because of Covid again." I really really really really hate the special crap. At this point I am trying to work on everything else BUT that stuff so as to not get in trouble--also my teammates are better at it and don't get themselves in trouble easily like I do--but I am unfortunately at the bottom of the barrel today and have nothing BUT specials to work on now. Bleah.

(g) Unshockingly, my entire region is now shut down(ish) for Covid mandatorily. The library is shutting down curbside service. Not that I was doing it and good for them, but it's a bit sad. Hope is bummed about her kid's birthday because this is happening RIGHT before the day (Friday). Welcome to quarantine birthdays, we're all gonna have at least one and I will have at least two, sigh.

Work commentary from the week:

Lioness: “I usually have a Debbie Downer story, but I don’t have one right now.”

My boss referred to meeting someone online as “in Zoom person.” Yup.

Grandboss on Magnum P.I. “I watched it for the mustache.” She is disappointed by the remake. Well, who isn’t.

Grandboss on the ridiculous character limit in our computer system: "I believe old age and treachery will overcome youth and skill. I am very persistent. We will get more than 15 characters."

I am bored with my job of late. I have done all of the remotely interesting stuff and am now down to the dregs o' crap. That said, we are having a Giant Org Conference (virtually) and thus, I had to go to one session of it. This went sooooo much better than the trainwreck that was the last one, as the presenters Learned. They sent out a spreadsheet asking the most commonly addressed questions so people could look them up, did NOT ask everyone to introduce themselves and thus waste 20 minutes on that, and were all, "So, what about X" (everyone says their piece), "So what about Y?" (everyone says), repeat, repeat. We even ended a little early and got through more stuff than planned.

I think what my work group learned from this is that we are very non-innovative. Also, there is another company that produces Important Documents that also does electronic ones, and I guess they are cheap or at least included in the sticker price or something, so we were interested in that. My boss said that unfortunately we do NOT have tech support and would need it if we changed anything, though....sigh. I did get amused when she used the words "hoppin' mad" to describe our clientele when the mail fails over and over and over. Most other giant orgs seem to be in a fairly similar boat to us except for one or two that have better systems. I have to say that being able to have secret group chat during meetings like this is awesome, though.

On the good news side, Hamilton is coming to my area in September 2021! I think tickets open around late February. I was excited at first--and then kind of freaked out as to whether or not I will feel safe enough to be around hordes by then or not or just waste the tickets or...I DON'T KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

I also apparently read so much crap on Pocket that I am in their 1% of subscribers. I ....get an award for this?

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