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2021-01-30, 9:21 p.m.

Today was a pleasant enough day at work, I suppose. I had my moments of International Client Rage as usual, but what can you do there. Oh, and the failed protest thing is officially ending, as after weeks, Official Language Rejecting Your Refund Request (i.e. "We can't give refunds for that, and the giant org doesn't give partial refunds because they changed a program, as it turns out") has been drafted. My boss enlisted me in some of that one, which at least is mindless easy to do :)

And impeachment has gone to the Senate!

Mom called and was all "all the stay at home orders are being canceled, we can all get our hair done again!" To which I was all, "please don't." She also went to the bank to deposit my IRS stimulus (seriously, this year I have to ask about changing which account gets the money) in person, sigh. Oh well, she seems fine otherwise so far.

I have been listening to this podcast interview with Jane Levy. She basically says that nothing but acting worked for her. She hated school, nobody in her family has the acting bug (meanwhile at circa age 4 she was on the toilet demanding an agent), she went to college because "what else are you gonna do?" and hated it, got depressed/went on meds, dropped out after a year and went to acting school. Nothing else would do for her.

I wonder how come some folks can't stomach settling, careerwise, and others like me can. Well, I can't settle romantically and that's been nothing but fucking hell that hasn't paid off for me, has it. Whereas career settling has paid off for me, stability-wise if not emotionally, and I can stomach it, if barely.

Tonight's viewing: back to Hallmark again:

"Love, Romance and Chocolate." This one features Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp, who were fantastic together in that dancing movie this Christmas. Here she's Emma, a food stylist* off to Brussels to sample chocolate and hopefully see the royal palace. However, when the palace is shut down due to a wedding, she volunteers to work at a chocolate shop that is run by Luc (or Luke? I dunno on spelling but I'm gonna guess if he's here it might be the French version). Luc is hot but not inventive like she is, and just wants to follow his family's recipes "for generations." Except he wants to win the Royal Chocolatier competition, so.... gotta spice it up a bit.

Not that I know anything about food styling, but I thought they made food look good for photography, not...creating different food combinations? Which seems like what Emma actually does, according to her.
I didn't really take notes during this. It's a lot of scenes of chocolate, duh. Also, a rival chocolatier, Max, keeps wandering around annoying Luc and trying to woo Emma, who is friendly but noncommittal. And the royal bride and groom are cute, so there's that.

I will note that at the start of the movie she's trying to say "I'm a tourist" to him (in....French? Unclear) and he says she said "I love you," accidentally. At the end of the movie he says it for real and she's all, "I know what it means" and tackle kisses him. Awww.

"The Last Bridesmaid:" Becca is a ten time bridesmaid (who should get a set of steak knives by now)/MOH and she's about to take over her parents' insurance business. Isn't that exciting?!? Hm, not really but she's very polite about it? "I am an insurance agent who makes jewelry." Her mother calls it a hobby. She gets offered a possible jewelry venue but she's all "I'll think about it." "I think you're an artist hiding in the body of an insurance agent," says Kyle the videographer. She can certainly sell jewelry more enthusiastically--"insurance should be your little hobby, not the other way around." Too bad insurance provides, y'know, insurance and the money for her hobby and all that stuff. This aspect of the movie reminds me of me. Kyle makes documentaries in his own time and otherwise does wedding videos. "I don't use beads, I use crystals and gemstones. I run a classy operation here." As a beader, I'm offended! Anyway, Becca juggles trying to start a jewelry business (it takes off) and the insurance and the wedding. It's a lot of shit. I haven't really taken notes on this, but "Something really powerful has happened within the last 5 months" got my attention. I like Rachel Boston, she gives great Hallmark and is lovely to watch. This movie is overall all right. But I do kinda think not much sexay chemistry is going on in general, just kinda friend chemistry between her and Kyle. She says love should be instant and effortless and no drama. I pretty much agree (IT'S A LOT FUCKING EASIER THAN SLOW PATHING, JUST SAYING), but she's all "I think I was wrong about the instant part."

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