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Another BigBoss Flies The Coop

2021-03-18, 9:37 p.m.

So BigBoss is leaving as of the end of next month to move back home again. I can't say I blame her. Both because obviously she wasn't happy here (when you apply for a new job after a year, ahem) and because pandemic and your family being back in your home state, etc. I doubt anyone was super shocked, somehow. Apparently BigBoss just told SuperBigBoss for like 5 minutes while he was on vacation yesterday, so no plans for anything as yet. Then she went on about all the website changes and I really wanted to say, "Can we roll the ones back that I hate once she leaves?"
In other news, we are being budget cut about $75k ("which translates into a person,") so so far they are just cutting the one open position we had in our office we haven't been able to hire for in over a year.
Also, it sounds like "Oh, you can work from home forever if you like!" is being slowly reneged on, sadly. Teresa wanted to know if that is still going to happen because if it is, she wants to get a puppy. I...wouldn't get that puppy if I were her, sadly. Wah, but I can't say I'm 100% shocked.
Also, if we're gonna end up with New Management, who the fuck knows what'll happen there. Now I'm wondering, if Grandboss has followed BigBoss everywhere she's gone for the last three jobs, should we assume she'll be heading back to their home state as well? That would not shock me either since her family is there and she's literally going back and forth between the relatives all pandemic.
I am also concerned, remembering the mild trainwreck that was the previous Hunt For The New BigBoss: at first they just put out job ads, interviewed two people, decided that those people "weren't experienced enough," (though frankly, one of them actually knew how to deal with troubled offices and I wanted to hire her SO BADLY), and then had recruitment, and our options were BigBoss and The Mansplainer. So....well, not the world's best options. I mean, BigBoss has been okay, but I wanted someone transformative who works miracles, I guess :P Not that that happens at work. Also, all the people who handled the job hunt last time are gone now, so I wonder if they'll make the same mistakes again in hiring. Probably.

Other than that, work was tolerable and quiet with no calls, other than "Guess what? PHONE TRAINING STARTS NEXT WEEK!" Kill me now. In related news, my giant bottles of chocolate wine just showed up.

I came to the conclusion over lunch that even though I had no plans on going to the yarn store oh, ever again most likely, I cannot find any of my giant tapestry needles (even though seriously, THEY SHOULD BE ON THE DAMN TABLE OR THE FLOOR UNDER THE TABLE, WHY CAN I NOT FIND THEM, it's not like I've left the house in 1.5 weeks) and need to get more because trying to sew projects together with my smaller needles is irritating. (Yemi was all, "Don't you HAVE a needle holder?" Yes, but it holds the small ones. She was all "Get one of these bigger ones."). I am super swamped this weekend, but I have next Friday off (it's our one holiday that we get and nobody else gets), so I think I shall go that day and then just...endeavor to avoid Scott, since god knows he seems uncomfortable if I'm in and well, why bother any more. He doesn't have to be out on the floor on weekdays as much because they have other staff, so I figure I can just hide in the back if he comes out and then just wait until he disappears again and then get rung up. Why bother bothering him.

Mom got her shot yesterday and sounds like she had very little in the way of side effects, thank god. Roger gets his Friday and I asked about Evan and she was all "oh, he got his first shot on the 24th." (To which I am all, how?) Easter's shot for me, but hopefully for future holidays....

Kelly has submitted her farting play to Femme Fatale this year. I...well, I dunno if they'd want to repeat a playwright 2 years in a row or if that is their thing or not, but what the heck. And I pointed out to her that it doesn't have to be 10 minutes there.

After work I did "Nothing Just IS: A Creative Writing Adventure" online with an "emeritus poet," Jovan Mays. He started out by talking about his nephew. "He loves throwing rocks and torturing his uncle. And I love being tortured."

Anyway, I signed up for this having no idea what it was about but what the hell. It actually went really well because I tend to think most poetry is vague as fuck, but his workshop was actually really concrete. He showed us three poems and then had us write our own poems based on writing prompts and in the style of those poems. I don't think I feel like sharing my poetry, but overall it went well.

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