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Murder for Two

2021-03-23, 10:08 p.m.

My boss is dealing with the cranky one from yesterday. She has decided that they are getting a new original Important Document whether they want it or not(!) and no, they can't have the old damaged one, and she will have a conversation with them about uh....their issues, I guess. Well, it's not going back to me, thank gawd, other than having to reorder the thing yet again. I pointed out the dreaded "international" and "they already spent a lot of money and want it shipped now," but...leaving that to her to deal with.

Phone training starts tomorrow. Kill me now. At least that one is only an hour...for now.

Today we had to email a bunch of big shots to tell them, "Hey, your stuff is due tomorrow, would you like some help submitting it?" This makes me nervous because if any of them actually DID need help, I haven't the faintest fucking idea, I can't even log into their computer system. Thankfully, nobody actually asked for any, though one person was all "my guy did something in the computer and went on vacation, I'm working on it." One guy was all "I always turn mine in on the due date, why am I getting this email?" and I was all "welp, they've been sending these for a few years to my knowledge, I dunno, maybe you had them in before the email date, but if you're turning it in on time, then no worries!" And a third one was all "They told me to give people a lot of leeway in a pandemic, so that means I'm doing a lot of at the last minute," and I was all "Oh, I totally understand, my office is just getting a bit ah, nervous around this time of year and then they want us to email people to check on them," and she wrote a very nice email admitting she was rather grumpy, but don't take it personally. I was all "I like you, especially after yesterday's crap."

Other than that, just attempted to compile a bunch of notes into different documents and plowed through emails. Such is this, the only life I shall ever have, because I live my life for safety and insurance.

My county is going to ORANGE tier! Is that good or bad? I'm unnerved by the relaxing of "oh hey, indoor dining is totally cool now! Have as many people in a shop as you can hold! Movies can come back!" standards. (Though I note that Winters still can't put on any plays, according to the restrictions, because they can't do indoor shows and their outdoor venue doesn't have assigned seating. I checked the website today and they're having another 10 minute podcast play festival as the next thing, I guess that explains that). Bars can also come back. I doubt my karaoke bar survived after being closed for a year, but I'm afraid to check any more.

I also find this concerning: "The county’s actual case rate of 5.5 per 100,000 residents would not have met the threshold for the orange tier, but the county benefits from its large volume of COVID-19 testing, for which the state provides a bonus." So we're like....cheating, here, then? Even more concerning: "Moving to the orange tier “means that there will be more opportunities to be exposed to COVID and to spread it to other people,” county public information officer." GREAAAAAAAAAAT. But we have to open, because business, and money!

Sigh. On the good news side, I am eligible to get free Krispy Kreme and I discovered there's one in Vacaville, so maybe I'll go get one Friday. I'm a little relieved that that county isn't full bore like mine just yet, peoplewise. I highly doubt I'm gonna go over there again anyway (and still may chicken out, to be honest), mins you, but I don't want to go into anywhere highly populated. At least not now.

Today I watched "Murder for Two: A New Musical Comedy." I'm not at all sure what's going on here, because we have two guys: one detective and one guy just playing...everyone else, without too many props, I guess? I know that having 2-3 guys playing all the parts is a theater tradition (the Tuna plays, Reduced Shakespeare, etc.) but this one I just straight up found it hard to keep track of anyone but the detective guy, because he has Detective Outfit on. Who is he talking to? I have no clue. One guy is singing/talking and then the other guy plays the piano, and they switch around on that. It's kinda whiplash-y. Am I supposed to care about these random people that are performed for about 5 seconds apiece? Sure, the actor's great at doing it, but...what is going on here? I admit, I like the split man/lady hat that he wears when he (CONSTANTLY) switched back and forth between playing a husband and wife, and it's certainly an acting tour de force (though it would totally fuck with my head to do THAT level of changing). Hell, even Robin Williams didn't change people THAT much. I LITERALLY CAN'T KEEP TRACK OF HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN A SCENE OR WHAT IS GOING ON. It's been an hour of a 90 minute show and I'm exhausted and I'm not even DOING ANYTHING.

Lines from the show. "We're waiting in the dark for Arthur Whitney" at a spooky mansion in the dark. I'm sure that won't cause any issues. I'm amused that the guy is singing that people should shut off their phones and be quiet, as he's uh...not being. "You're the wackiest cop in New England." "And if there's time, figure out who stole the ice cream!" I love coffee being referred to as 'brown poopy water." HAHAHAHAHAH FOR ONCE SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE COFFEE. "You yell Surprise, and bang!" "You drove your kindergarten teacher to drink by asking TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!!" "I only reveal secrets during FRIENDSHIP SONGS!!! " "Can you tell me who said they were going to kill Arthur Whitney?" "No, but can I have some music before I die?" "Who are you?" "Henry Vivaldi, proud firefighter." "Where were you?" "Bathroom." Okay, I think I might finally have gotten into this show in this song...which I think is the murderess confessing? Dancing around with a boa on and disco lights. WAIT, THE MURDERER IS THE INVISIBLE FRIEND? WAIT, SERIOUSLY?! "It's not who was exposed, it was who wasn't!" "Despite your nonstop wackiness, he just kept ignoring you!"

At the end of the play, the actors pass out on top of the piano, then somehow end up playing the piano anyway.

I'm finally getting around to watching the first episode of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier." New World Order:
"Sam, this has to be subtle." "Got it." (dude flies)
I'm not great at following action sequences, but I did really enjoy Sam flying in and grabbing a dude out of a helicopter.
"We need new heroes." Hey, Rhodey, ltns. "Why didn't you take up the mantle?" Sam has just donated the shield. "It feels like it belongs to someone else."
Bucky is "making amends." "You've been ignoring the texts from Sam. I am the only person you've called all week."
"Are you lashing out at me, Doc? That's really unprofessional."
"You're free." "To do what?" Good point.
"I haven't danced since 1943."
"So, have you dated much since half of the fish in the sea came back?" Bucky gets "a lot of weird pictures" when online dating. Welcome to being a girl, Bucky.
"You sound like my dad. How old are you?" "106."
I like this bartender/game player girl, whatever her name is.
"What are you doing?" "I'm reading your mind." "Please don't."
How DO Avengers make a living? "Your financials are all over the place." "You couldn't have been living off goodwill this whole time?" "You have no income over the last five years." "How can you have income when you've been gone for five years?" "I've been gone, like several billion other people." So, no to that bank loan, then?
They got another Captain America? Welp, that's fucked up and not what I was expecting (even though I have been trying to avoid spoilers for days, I heard this one). Also, who is this fuck?

My overall reactions; (a) WandaVision is better, but it's more tricksy, is why. This appears to be very straightforward buddy cop action movie. (b) Um....there's only six episodes of this show and we literally don't show the title characters interacting at all? The fuck? (c) I'm here for Sam. I like Sam. Sam, this is what happens when you don't take up the mantle, they find some white dude. Also, now we've established that Avengers don't get paid, nor do the temporarily dead. (d) I'm not that into Bucky or at least haven't been so far (the actor is handsome, character's a bad guy half the time, I dunno there), but I do like his hanging out with that chick. (e) I'm not sure what is going on with the bad guys in this plot.

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